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What Is 0x ?

The Cryptocurrency’s largest source of new comers into the industry is the Ethereum blockchain. Every few weeks and sometimes within the space of days, new cryptocurrencies are issued offering various uses and targeting unique niche needs. With the vast amount of Ethereum based token on the market, it is difficult and sometimes impossible for users to trade their various tokens fluidly using established exchanges.

0x is the decentralized exchange layer platform that targets the flooded token markets that is having an increasingly difficult time to create a smooth intra-trade infrastructure. With 0x users will be able to effortlessly trade in and out of tokens as long as they are based on the Ethereum blockchain, no matter how recent they might be.

Creating a direct p2p intra-trade will cut the difficulty and unimaginable costs that users have to bear in order to offload some of their earlier token holdings and invest in new ones. Using the 0x decentralized exchange, the user will have an easy access to sell off any token they wish to divest, and have instant access to newer ones they see as being promising.
The huge potential of 0x has been visible, as it aims to tap into a massive token sales market that has seen billions of dollars invested in various ICOs this year alone.
The 0x project has a diverse team of some of the most well-known figures in the cryptocurrency world, including an ex Coinbase boss. It is lead by co-founders Will Warren and Amir Bandeali
Practical Uses
The burgeoning Ethereum based cryptocurrency sector is growing in leaps and bounds, without any laid infrastructure to aid its movements. With over 1000 known coins and rapidly counting, even the exchanges have a difficult time knowing who is who, and as such newer cryptocurrencies have a very difficult time fighting to get a foothold and acceptance among the established exchanges.
With this difficulty, a lot of the new tokens get cold, not because they lack substance or potential, but because of a tough and difficult market that makes their tokens a sinkhole for investor’s money due to the lack of fluidity of trading with most of the other better known tokens. This has created a big problem for both developers and users who buy into these tokens.
With 0x all the nightmare will be brought to an end as for the first time there will be an open and direct market for users to trade their tokens as long as they are based on the popular ERC20 Ethereum blockchain.
0x are buy-in tokens and re not mined, with a present market cap value of almost a hundred million dollars.
Investors’ Notes
0x has incredible potential, as it tries to solve a real trade nightmare that faces new Ethereum tokens. The market is huge and has future growth potentials, as it can be clearly seen that ICOs are not slowing down anytime soon.
Website: https://www.0xproject.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xproject/
Twitter: @0xproject