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  • 2.6 GB update today? November 16, 2018
    Just got an update in steam a few minutes ago. Where can i find the patch notes? submitted by /u/Dalton98 [link] [comments]
  • Trying to place a Mek but I can’t November 16, 2018
    Spent hours grinding to craft a mek I finally get it and for some reason I can’t place it no matter what I do??? I’ve placed Meks before in other servers so I know how it works but it just doesn’t do anything. It’s in my hot bar and it flashes when I “use” it […]
  • How to lose 2 lvl 250 spinos in 30 minutes... November 16, 2018
    Just wanted to share a cute moment on ark with you. I was riding my Spino in the marshes of The Center, and 2 blue tribemen decide to engage me. FINE I say, time to die fukos. Little did I know, their arrows went over my Spinos's face and hit me head on. I immediately […]
  • Taming corrupted animals? November 16, 2018
    Are we able to tame corrupted animals? I thought I saw something right before the DLC released that said there would be different types of corruption that the animals would have (that animals with purple colored corruption couldn’t be tamed, but ones that had blue colored corruption could); but when I look at the list […]
  • Question: friend and I play on Xbox, is the host barrier still a thing for online coop? We wanted to get back into if that was gone. November 16, 2018
    submitted by /u/Firm1y_Grasp_It [link] [comments]
  • ARK Extinction Event Mê Cung thần bí #14 | 🔴 Tiếu Stream Game November 16, 2018
    submitted by /u/guianh93 [link] [comments]
  • Windows 10 Ark Help! November 16, 2018
    So I finally got a pc and installed Ark using the Xbox play anywhere. For some reason it won’t start up. My pc loads every other game fine but Ark is the exception. Also I wasn’t sure but am I able to utilize mods or would I have to repurchase ark via steam? Sorry if […]
  • My opinion on the Managarmr November 16, 2018
    Ok, now I want other opinions but the first time I saw the Managarmr I thought it was going to be hard to get. I wasn't expecting it to be a simple trap tame. I really feel like they could've done something cool like had another egg stealing type creature and maybe buffed it a […]
  • Well.. November 16, 2018
    submitted by /u/TehMoreYouKnow1 [link] [comments]
  • ISO PvE Cluster November 16, 2018
    Hello, all. I am no longer interested in the PvP aspect of the game because reasons. My tribe mates and I are searching for a good PvE cluster to call home. Unofficial, of course. Can anyone point me in a direction? I’m searching the ARK servers online, but sometimes word of mouth is better. Thanks […]

What Is ARK ?

ARK has a new idea for the future of the digital currency, despite all the heated debates regarding its pros and cons. Most of the other cryptocoins focus on how fancy the current trend is, but the ARK coin innovates by integrating technologies and evolution for a sustainable blockchain universe.

There are more than 30 talented people working together to develop ARK, and they have the identical idea of making the cryptocoin last a long time by connecting the virtual and the reality with a constant developing process for even more services.

The experts working on ARK all have different backgrounds and their collaboration will improve not only the reliability of the cryptocurrency, but its safety, applicability, and profits, for anyone using it.

These people are web developers, engineers from various fields, stack developers, managers, promoters, persons with a diverse financial expertise, and even doctors, musicians, and company owners.

Such a diverse group of people involved in ARK also means that this alternative coin will meet both their technical and social requirements. This platform is designed to offer personalized services, to better realize what the users really want.

ARK can be described with 4 words: Fast, Sustainable, Decentralized and Bridging. The practical applications can cause really fast transaction speeds. The calculations estimate the speed to be close to 200 transactions per minute. The voting system is decentralized and this means the weight is divided across all votes, instead of having each vote weighing 100%. By doing so, one can be quite certain the network can’t be taken over. They work hard on connecting various blockchain technologies while also crossing over reality and virtual. The world is ever changing and ARK is a safe, flexible and able to adjust type of platform, created to be mass adopted and self-sustaining. It’s also supposed to surpass the tests and to be ever evolving.

Their first development is Atlas, the first step in Project ARK, which is ARK Token Exchange Campaign (or ARK-TEC). ARK-TEC started on Monday, November 7th and lasted through Sunday, December 11th 2016. 75% of the coins will be sold to investors, as per the ARK plan. Those wishing to invest, need to prepare their calculations and then hope for the best.