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  • Grapefruit Consumption Ranking | TOP 10 Country from 1961 to 2013 October 1, 2020
    submitted by /u/Donkey_Public [link] [comments]
  • Future Of Trading course now free! From c0tt0nc4ndyta. October 1, 2020
    Hello everyone, I'm a high level daytrader who works all over the world with fortune 500 companies, exchanges, high level trading teams, ceo's awith their boards, large private investors, some family offices, and various tier 1 holding co's. For the past few years I've been developing educational series, and courses that cost between $8,000.00 and […]
  • Claiming my NBS September 30, 2020
    Anyone know how I can claim my NBS? My BTS is in my BTS exchange wallet. I am thinking of transferring all the the coins to Binance submitted by /u/this1seasy [link] [comments]
  • NBS Airdrop is over? September 27, 2020
    airdrop announcement September 25th I'm not sure I quite understand the NBS fork. Sending 1 BTS to cn-i with account(ID) in memo is not working for me. Tried to set my vote to cn-vote, but nothing worked. This is news from yesterday, apparently the list of airdrop is premade and closed Anyone as more info […]
  • Get your New Bitshares September 24, 2020
    I noticed the post about claiming the new bitshares, but then I saw that it expires on November 1st. If you are interested to claim your New BitShares, do it before its too late... Follow this procedure by sending 1BTS and a memo to cn-i with your NBS account name and ID: New Bitshares Airdrop […]
  • Margin September 21, 2020
    I loved this platform’s ability to offer a 24 hour margin call. Are the marginable positions able to be converted and withdrawn or is anyone doing that these days to leverage up? submitted by /u/TechTrades [link] [comments]
  • Working node API for 2.0 wallet? September 19, 2020
    Hey all, Are there any working API connections for the 2.0 wallet? I've recently tried logging into an old wallet using "wss://" and it didn't work (realized Open Ledger is no more). I tried others like "wss://" and "wss://" and they don't connect either. Any working nodes out there? Any help would be much appreciated! […]
  • Cryptocurrency P2P Traders Are Making A Huge Profit In South Africa September 18, 2020
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  • Bought after hardfork September 11, 2020
    What happens if I bought BTS after the hardfork? Will the price of BTS just keep going down? submitted by /u/Sponta7 [link] [comments]
  • New Bitshares Price? September 11, 2020
    Where can I see the new bitshares trading price? I'm curious to know how its going. Also, we have to wait for instructions if holding BTS in a wallet. When/where is that information coming? So what I understand is that lots of people converted to BTS in order to be there for the fork, thus […]

What Is Bitshares ?

Bitshares is a crypto platform run by the BitShares community. The goal of this open community is to bring universal access of the smart contracts technology to the masses.

It aims to use innovative approaches in their philosophy to their advantage. For this purpose, they are hoping to bank on the philosophy of “Smart coins” to introduct much needed stability into the coin market.

Now what is a smart coin?

Smart Coin is a coin whose value is pegged to that of another asset that makes it much more stable. The asset is usually a fiat currency or gold. BitShares has announced that its BTS coins are backed by fiat currency like Dollar and therefore they are at least valued at their face value no matter what happens to the coin market. In most cases it is going to be more than the face value but if everything fails, the face value is always going to be there as a safeguard.


BitShares is the brainchild of an open community. There are a number of people who contributed to it. They include

Dan “Bytemaster” Larimer-ex-Co founder and CEO

Charles Hoskinson- ex-Co-Founder

Li Xiaolai-Chinese investor and owner

Practical Uses

BitShares also provides a high-volume high-performance decentralized exchange platform. It offers an alternative to the centralized exchanges that are operating around the world but it offers a much higher volume possible with the ability to handle the trading volume of NASDAQ itself! This is decentralization at its best.

Its platform has industrial-level scalability and performance. BitShares is designed to grow intrinsically and eventually handle more transactions than VISA and Mastercard combined. Using its proof-of-stake algorithm, the BitShares platform can confirm transactions in just 1 second only. It also offers dynamic management of corporate environment, flexible withdrawing options and regulation compatible crypto asset issuance.


BitShares is one of the few coins that are running proof-of-stake system. There is no resource intensive mining as compared to the proof-of-work systems like bitcoin. You just need to hold enough coins and each witness has a window of 3 seconds to confirm a block. This allows the distribution of the new coins among coins holders on a more fair basis and keeps in check the mining process.

Notes for Investors

The BitShare might be a worthy platform and currency for the future. In many ways, it is like Ethereum that offers a lot of services inside its blockchain that is primarily focused on the running of big companies.