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  • Does anyone know who otcbtcdotcom address is and why they took my friend's EOS? January 19, 2021
    Trying to help someone out. It seems that on 21 Sep 18 otcbtcdotcom took all my friend's EOS. ​ Was this just theft or any other explanations? Apparently otcbtcdotcom is worth 263k. ​ Thanks for any help. submitted by /u/tesuquemushroom [link] [comments]
  • Getting error trying to unstake EOS with Anchor by Greymass wallet January 19, 2021
    I just downloaded the Anchor wallet and imported my keys. When I try to unstake my EOS , it's giving me the following error: Error Unable to determine the type of the object to be encoded. To encode custom ABI types you must pass the type argument. () Can someone help me out? Thank you […]
  • Insider: Daniel Larimer was asked to leave January 19, 2021
    There is a piece of insider news floating around that Daniel Larimer was asked to leave. EOS was not moving anywhere in the last year from technological advancement perspective, and Daniel was supposed to play a key role there, and hence was responsible. The industry knows that he is a good beginner but can not […]
  • Best way to access EOS coins with private keys? January 19, 2021
    I bought some EOS at the hype of ICOs back in 2018, when tokens were still ERC20s... I did the registration for the mainnet launch and haven't done anything since. What's the best and safest way to access the coins now? All I have with me is public and private keys , as well as […]
  • EOSIO Weekly: Tech Talk on a Tuesday with Jona Wilmsmann of Pink Network and Atomic Assets January 19, 2021
    submitted by /u/SalamanderFast [link] [comments]
  • Newdex Major Upgrade January 19, 2021
    Newdex will upgrade at 04:00 (UTC) on January 19, 2021, from the original C2C trading model to the C2C+C2S trading model. On the premise of retaining the "pending order" trading experience, Swap depth is aggregated to make trading easier. We integrate the depth of popular trading pairs from platforms such as Defibox and DeFis (including […]
  • Curve is emerging into DeFi powerhouse together with Peanut! Peanut can bring DeFi to EOS as well. Chek it out how January 19, 2021
    submitted by /u/Useful_Platform_ [link] [comments]
  • What’s with the price suppression? January 19, 2021
    I’ve made some insane gains over the past month or two with ETH, ZIL and ADA and figured the majority of top coins had at least started their way on the 2021 bull run. Surprised to see that EOS is basically flat for the past year. Unless there’s some legit reason for the low price […]
  • How is EOS still in the top 20 coins with all this FUD? Pretty interesting lol January 19, 2021
    Maybe we have reached absolute rock bottom. Anyone who would have panic sold on the news of the CTO leaving would’ve all unstaked and sold by now. Be greedy when others are fearful they say. Blue skies from here if any good news/development is announced imo. submitted by /u/TheMailMan69 [link] [comments]
  • EOS Power Up Model (Crypto Writer, Voice post) January 19, 2021
    submitted by /u/Sly-Raccoon [link] [comments]

What Is EOS ?

EOS is a decentralized operating system, based on a blockchain, created to hold up decentralized applications at a commercial scale by offering the needed core suitability, allowing companies to create blockchain applications that are more similar to web-based applications.

EOS has an allochronic communication and handling that provides the ability to adjust, while its transaction fees are removed by its ownership model. This is why EOS is a strong competitor to Ethereum, though the ICO of EOS does support Ethereum.

EOS makes use of delegated-proof-of-stake and premieres the possibility of fixing bugs and rolling back alterations with a supermajority consensus.

The blockchain’s VIPs are the ones in charge of this project.

The token sale lasted 341 days, and during the first 5 days 20% of the EOS token supply was bought for approximately $185M in ETH. (There is a 10% reserve for block one). The token sale structure was designed that the remaining 70% of EOS tokens is to be created and sold at market value.

By, EOS decentralized operating system, based on a blockchain created to hold up decentralized applications at a commercial scale by offering the needed core suitability (plus databases, authentication, accounts with permissions, planning, and managing communication to and from the application and the internet), and as such permitting creators to concentrate on the logistics of their business. EOS.IO is a program that lets ventures to create other blockchain applications that imitate existing web-based apps, and that use a construction alike to website frameworks.