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What Is Enigma ?

Enigma is a decentralized blockchain, which its’ platform is used for computational storage and data analysis while maintaining its’ privacy.

Developers use Enigma ‘s platform to build Decentralized Applications without the involvement of the third party. Enigma protocol is a force to reckon with in the area of handling privacy of a decentralized data .the potentials of the protocol is limitless.

Enigma payments are carried out in a public blockchain, but the sender, the recipient and the amount are protected from the privy of the public.

Features of Enigma

  • Its’ privacy protocol can unlock cash or values in the database.
  • Catalyst –the is the first application designed using Enigma protocol. It is a data-driven crypto assets investment application.
  • Protocol layer-where decentralized computation of sensitive data is carried out.
  • Platform layer- this layer is where platforms such as marketplace and all exchanges are built.
  • Application layer-decentralised applications that are known for their privacy are built and also other secure data.



The team is made of MIT –bred experts who have what it takes to revolutionize the industry.

Guy Zyskind is heading the team; he is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Enigma. He was formerly with MIT Media Lab as a software developer.

Other members of the team include:

Can Kisagun-he is the Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Tor Bair- Head of Growth and Marketing.

Victor Grau Serrat-he is a Senior Software Engineer

Frédéric Fortier- he is a Senior Software Engineer

Moria Abadi-she is a Senior Software Engineer and Researcher.

Lena Kleyner-she is a Senior Software Engineer

Ainsley Sutherland-she is a Product and Partnership Strategy

Isan Rivkin- he is a Software Engineer

Avishai Weingarten-he is a Software Engineer.

Embar Almog- she is a Software Engineer

The Advisory Team includes the following:

Alex “Sandy” Pentland-he is the Director of MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program

Paul Veridittakit-he is the Partner at Pantera Capital

Bill Barhydt-he is the CEO of Abra

Jacob Gibson-he is the Cofounder and COO of Nerdwallet

Jason Fang-he is the Managing Partner at Sora Ventures

Justin Lent-he is the former Director of Hedge Fund Development at Quantopian

Josh Lim- he is the former VP of Treasury and Trading Operations at Circle

Matthew Falk- he is the former Software Engineer at TwoSigma


  • Enigma is used for personal data. Individuals can monetize their data while still keeping it private under the control of Enigma protocol.
  • Enigma is used in healthcare and genomics.
  • Enigma’s protocol is used for credit facilities.



Enigma is not mineable but can be obtained through mining of other crypto coins. These coins can now be exchanged to Enigma (XNG).

It can also be obtained through the exchange; you can also obtain Enigma (XNG) through Airdrops. Check their website for more details.


Notes for Investors

The current price of Enigma (XNG) in the parallel market is USD 0.136467, and the market cap is USD 105,159. The total volume sale is USD 303, and the circulating supply is 1,182,923 XNG.

Enigma (XNG) has never been on the downslide; from the market cap report of last 30 days has shown consistency.



This report is not intended to advise anyone to invest in Enigma (XNG) but to pass information to the public. Seek advice before investing in any cryptocurrency.