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What Is Gamecredits ?

The global gaming community is worth more than $100 billion which is about one-third of the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies so its potential is huge. GameCredits is a relatively new platform that gives developers a plug and play free in-game monetization program. It means that companies can now build entire games on top of the blockchain including wallet, payment system and tracking system, etc.
GameCredits was started in 2016 but its actual development work goes back three years ago when the development really began. The GameCredits mobile store has been in development for more than 2 years and over 300 games are lined up for its launch as well. It revolutionizes the game payment gateway and makes it direct. The official currency of the platform is called GAME and according to the developers
“GameCredits is the first free open source gaming currency made by gamers and game developers.”

Practical Uses
Game development is transforming due to the advent of the blockchain technology and the GameCredits is a way to ensure that it changes itself for good. You can imagine how micropayments that people make in consoles and PCs suddenly are suddenly allowed to pay in cryptocurrency. GAME currency doesn’t inflated and offers fast payments and secure transactions to its users.
As VR and other reality-based approaches become popular, the gaming industry will go faster than ever. As the industry grows, so will be the demand of its decentralization and removal of unnecessary bits. Currently it is claimed by the GameCredit company that any developer looking to use GameCredits will get reduce revenue fees by up to 20%, stop chargebacks, increased gamer deposit limits and transactions will occur in a few minutes.
Sergey Sholom- CEO
Maxim Sholom- Product Director
Alex Migitko- COO
Nikola Djokic-CTO
GameCredits uses Scrypt algorithm for its mining purposes. Scrypt is a relatively simpler Proof of work system that is currently adopted by Litecoin among bigger coins. Blocktime is 90 seconds and block reward is 25 coins. You can calculate the profitability of mining GAME coins using a simple profitability calculator.
Notes for Investors
The Game coin has been around for some time but the interest in the platform and its cryptocurrency started in early 2017 and everything went crazy. The price increased from $0.2 to $4 and fluctuated a lot in between. Currently it sits at around $2.2. The value of the coin is appearing to stabilize around $2 mark and we are waiting for the next point of inflection and that might be in the upwards direction.