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  • Untangle Care - Milestone #3 Update December 16, 2019
    Hey everyone, yesterday we concluded the third milestone of our EDF project Untangle Care and we thought it is time again for a progress update, here you go: ​ Happy holidays to all of you! submitted by /u/Felandil [link] [comments]
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    Welcome to r/IOTA! The r/IOTA sidebar, on the right, contains helpful links to IOTA resources and community-created tools. It is important to keep your IOTA software (Trinity Wallet, or IRI) updated, in order to maximize your performance and security. Latest version numbers are in the sidebar. Be careful when generating a seed to use with […]
  • David on Discord (by Vrom) December 15, 2019
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  • Exploring the tangle (pt. 3) December 14, 2019
    There's not much information available about the current usage of the tangle for real value transactions. So I tried to find out how many transactions are done, and how much value is transferred. Read my findings here: submitted by /u/judgalist [link] [comments]
  • A civilized chat December 14, 2019
    I've been following IOTA on Reddit for a couple years now only reading since I prefer to read more than talking. I just now made an account because I would like to be able to throw a few questions and comments out there once in a while. So I would like put out this post […]
  • Dominik Schiener among THE 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN CRYPTO December 14, 2019
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  • IOTA website December 14, 2019
    Anyone have any good ideas on a website for IOTA that I can build? I really want to help the IOTA community and wanted to hear your input. ​ I am okay with doing a rewards website with ads too for giving out free IOTA if anyone thinks that is a good idea, just looking […]
  • Looking to buy Iota with other crypto or PayPal/Venmo etc. without going through any exchange. Options? December 13, 2019
    As the title says. Don’t want to go through any exchange or any basic registration. Pure P2P. If anyone knows or is interested selling, hit me up. submitted by /u/Starkbit [link] [comments]
  • Support a start-up that aims to provide the first condoms that you can buy with IOTA (and that also plant trees) December 13, 2019
    Dear community, I've just launched a crowdfunding campaign for condoms that plant trees (brand name RELEAF). For the video I've collaborated with u/EverythingTangle so you may recognize the voice and his style! 😉 We aim to implement IOTA as a payment solution if the campaign is successful. These will be the first tangle-sourced condoms in […]
  • Gartner survey: Blockchain and IoT adoption is "booming" in US December 13, 2019
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What Is IOTA ?

IOTA is a technology that allows transactions and communications of devices without fees. The full meaning is “Internet of Things Application.” IOTA is different from other cryptocurrencies based on the fact that, it makes use of distributed ledger called “Tangle” instead of the blockchain. Tangle ledger is designed to sort out transactions at no cost so that trading with devices can be done at zero fees and also store data securely at the ledger. The reasons given by the founders for not using blockchain is that blockchain cannot handle micro payments and cannot be scaled. IOTA architecture can allow both Micro and Nano transactions on their ledger. Another notable feature in IOTA technology is the decoupling of consensus from its’ token meaning IOTA does not need miners to operate. It is decentralized ledger that is self-regulatory.

David Sønstebø is the head of IOTA; David believes technology is the best way to improve the world from a practical point of view,
Notable names in IOTA team are David Sønstebø (IOTA founder), Dominik Schiener, Serguei Popov and Sergey Ivancheglo.
• It does Micro and Nano transactions, unlike other cryptocurrency’ blockchains.
• It is used for electronic voting because of its privacy functionality.
• It does mask messaging, and it is commonly used for intelligence gathering.
• It facilitates online trade transactions and other e-related business.
• It does any service that requires scalable ledger.
• It transfers data in a secured and transparent manner.
IOTA is different from other cryptocurrencies in many ways. There is no mining, it is already pre-mined, self-regulated and there are no fees. There are no blocks but uses Proof of Works(PoW). And as a result, we don’t have the incentive to earn money with mining at all.
IOTA’s rise in market capitalization can be attributed to two reasons. The reasons are:
1.Investors’ confidence in their revolutionary Technology: Many investors believe that their innovative technology can be a propelling factor, to dominate the coin market sensationally. They don’t use blockchain rather what, they called “Tangle” that works in a distributed ledger. The transactions are secure, and funds can be transferred at the speed of light. It goes on and on.
2. Bitfinex sole proprietorship of its exchange and their ban on US customers. Bitfinex is the only place where IOTA coins can be exchanged. Recently, Bitfinex announced its’ termination of service to US customers and the news created a lot of anxiety to investors and crypto market at large. Investors started withdrawing their funds from Bitfinex, and they also started buying IOTA coins in large numbers thereby creating artificial scarcity. The demand for IOTA coins became so high that , the price skyrocketed to an all-time high. The volume exchange for today is approximately $1.65m price market cap.
Financial analysts have predicted a continuous hyper-rise of IOTA coins to up to 20,000% within the next three months.

This little report about IOTA should not be seen as an endorsement to invest. Cryptocurrency investment is speculative, and it involves unquantifiable risks – the market is full of uncertainty, susceptible to attack and capital loss, and sensitive to secondary issues, time may do not permit to mention here.
Seek advice before investing.