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What Is Iconomi ?

Iconomi is a Slovenian financial tech startup which aims to develop the industry’s first blockchain based hedge fund where users can have a port folio of digital assets and investments managed on their behalf by the company. The goal of Iconomi is make it easier for cryptocurrency investors to manage groups of cryptocurrency assets and token, with the easiest route into the industry.

So instead of a user having to grapple with the various cryptocurrencies and tokens, weighing their pros and cons and whether to invest or not, Iconomi will let users invest in it. And it will do the various pickings of cryptocurrencies on the user’s behalf.

Iconomi through its concept will make it possible for those who have the money to invest in the cryptocurrency industry but don’t have either the time or the necessary expertise to invest by themselves. Just like in the traditional financial systems, Iconomi aims to fill the gap for those who want to have fund managers acting on their behalf as far as investing the crypto industry is concerned.

Iconomi’s decentralized platform will enable its users from any country have direct access to investing in all the promising cryptocurrencies without border restrictions.  Iconomi is first on the floor with its idea as there is no other company as of yet that has similar plans or ideas.



The Iconomi team is led by CEO Tim M Zagar and Jani Valjavec who acts as the company’s CTO


Practical Uses

The cryptocurrency industry is still at a developing stage, with a lot of potential in almost every industry known to man, but as of yet most of the services are yet to take shape. The entrance of Iconomi as the alternative hedge fund is another step towards the maturity of the cryptocurrency industry.

The real-world need for Iconomi and other initiatives of its kind is critical, due to the vast nature of the cryptocurrency universe. Users from all over the world hear about the industry’s great potentials have money to invest in it but due to the rather technical nature of the assets a lot of people get shut out, unable to take part of this revolution.

Iconomi has a real place in the financial industry, as the cryptocurrency world expands, there will be need for experts that investors can rely on to make the best educated choices on their behalf on what to buy and what not to invest in.


The user buys in on the Iconomi token and as such it is not mined. As at the time of writing this, the Iconomi platform as has a market cap of over $97 million.

Investors’ Notes

Iconomi is an exciting prospect with a very lucrative market to tap in to. If the idea catches on Iconomi and other crypto hedge funds like it will eventually be managing billions of dollars investing in various digital assets on behalf of people with money but no time or expertise of dealing with the industry. The potential of Iconomi can be put to perspective by simply looking at the how massive the traditional hedge fund industry is at present.

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