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What Is Komodo ?

Komodo uses a Delayed Proof of Work protocol and zero knowledge proofs in order to keep the anonymity of its users intact. This cryptocurrency project started from Zcash, but forked from it, and is also a step forward from the BitcoinDark cryptocurrency. The fork was decided by the SuperNET team, who also came up with various individual tools that join Komodo in order to provide a full spectrum of features, including decentralized mixing and of course, trading.

The yearly percentage rate that Komodo share holders receive is of 5%. This process happens automatically without the use of passwords or actions taken, and the 5% APR stays in place until the 200M KMD maximum supply has been reached. However, the APR is only received by T-address balances.

Komodo is using the Zero Knowledge Proofs which has been created by Zcash. The Zero Knowledge Proofs enables users to make 100% private and anonymous transactions, but these transactions can also be transparent based on what each user wants.

Having the transactions private means that no other individual is allowed to see how much money has been sent or received, or the identity of the parties. However, miners can see that the transaction is valid and double spending did not take place. If a users wishes for their transaction to be transparent, the system works just like any other Bitcoin method would.