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  • "Acorns for Crypto" adds LTC...roundup spare change into LTC September 26, 2020
    submitted by /u/CoinSavage [link] [comments]
  • litecoin-qt look-alike client for GTK? September 26, 2020
    Does anybody have knowledge of a GTK client for Litecoin Core v0.18.1 that looks similar to the litecoin-qt program bundled with the Linux binary tarball? submitted by /u/JJ1013Reddit [link] [comments]
  • Litecoin Core 0.18.1 - Is hibernation safe? (Devuan) September 26, 2020
    I would like to know if using the command hibernate would be safe while Litecoin Core (any of the front-ends, be it litecoind or litecoin-qt) is running. I got Litecoin Core's latest version a few days before, so that is why I am asking about that same version. Also because of the GitHub page claiming […]
  • Litening Series II September 26, 2020
    submitted by /u/JoJopama [link] [comments]
  • My litecoin experience and future thoughts. September 25, 2020
    submitted by /u/GrahamUhelski [link] [comments]
  • Litecoin Core - Successfully transfering Litecoin to a Bitcoin address September 25, 2020
    With "successfully", I mean that the Bitcoin address receives Litecoin in the form of Bitcoin, as in: Litecoin user sends 1 LTC Bitcoin user receives 0.0041731743 BTC submitted by /u/JJ1013Reddit [link] [comments]
  • Need help verifying GPG signature of Litecoin Core September 25, 2020
    Greetings! Even though I downloaded Litecoin Core using ProtonVPN via OpenVPN, I am attempting to verify it via the GPG signatures the webpage provides. But the output I get is: gpg: no es una firma separada (TRANSLATION) gpg: not a separate signature Using sudo, I got: gpg: creado el directorio '/root/.gnupg' (TRANSLATED) gpg: creating […]
  • Throttle Litecoin Core (litecoin-qt) Internet Speed and disable listening September 24, 2020
    Greetings! I am getting started on using Litecoin Core with my Devuan computer. However, it seems that downloading the blockchain uses way too much Internet (according to my ISP's webpage, the maximum is 10000 kilobits; nice way to show off little speed with a small unit of measure), and it locks me and my family […]
  • Import/Sweep Private Litecoin key September 24, 2020
    I have a address LY... and private key T6r... that I am unable to import into electrum. Does anyone know what format these are or how I can import them? EDIT: I also have a password for it submitted by /u/AdamCox9 [link] [comments]
  • Easy Way to Buy Litecoin With MasterCard/Visa Gift Card and Send $20 of it Without Using Phone or ID? September 24, 2020
    Is there such a way with this, as opposed to Bitcoin? With Bitcoin and the like, it's ridiculous. You can't buy or send anything without uploading your identification and using SMS/a phone, which nullifies anything anonymous. I have no interest in trading, etc. for long term. I just wish there was a simple site where […]

What Is Litecoin ?

Litecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer and open source cryptocurrency network released under the MIT/X11 license. Litecoin offers faster transaction and improved storage efficiency than bitcoin. It was launched in 2011 to fix mine with massive computer horsepower experienced in bitcoin. Litecoin can be mined in any lesser computer, and it is 7.5 faster than bitcoin in producing blocks to the blockchain. In fact, it mines with an average of 2.5minutes per block. This fast transactional functionality has made Litecoin, the first choice for miners who want to make more money.
It uses a decentralized blockchain technology meaning, it cannot be controlled by any central authority, and it is excellent payment platform to transact digital currency.

Regardless of what people say, Bitcoin is always the first to scoop the headlines, virtually taking the lead in both good and what seems to be wrong. The early Bitcoiners are smiling to the bank whenever you criticize of what is not going right in bitcoin.

Last month, a cryptocurrency which regarded its self as “the silver to bitcoin’s gold’ made an all-time high of 2000% in the market capitalization. That cryptocurrency is called Litecoin. The Litecoin team should be seeing it as gold not silver after such an unprecedented surge in value. With quickest transaction time in cryptocurrency blockchain, improved network and less volatility, Litecoin should be aiming to be among the top two in cryptocurrency market.



Litecoin was founded by Mr. Charlie Lee, a cryptographic expert who brought his wealth of experience to make Litecoin, what it is today.

He is being assisted by other Directors in the persons of Mr. Xinxi Wang and Mr.Franklyn Richards. I will not forget to mention these two developers who have worked tirelessly to make Litecoin, the fastest blockchain transaction platform. They are losh11 and fancycedar.

Practical Uses of Litecoin

  • Litecoin is a payment processor to many firms such as eGifter, Sean’s Outpost, KnCMiner, Ellenet
  • Some banks use Litecoin’s blockchain platform for transactions
  • It is used for payment solutions for e-commerce.
  • You can pay other users who are using Litecoin with its’ tokens.


Mining Of Litecoin

Mining LTC is cost-effective because of low computational power it uses.It can be mined in minor hardware or computers. Litecoin uses Script Proof of Work to verify transactions, and every transaction produces new blocks which are added into the Litecoin’ blockchain. A reward is given to the miner whose effort in solving the computational puzzle led to the addition of more blocks.

Litecoin and Bitcoin are different in the usage of algorithms when hashing. Bitcoin uses the popular SHA-256 which is known for its’ complexity and high computational power consumption. On the other hand, Litecoin uses a script which is a memory based algorithm and uses less computational power to mine.

Notes to Invest

Litecoin is the cheapest amongst the top three: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, with the price hovering around $70.I think, what drives Litecoin presently is the relatively low price, and I feel, they management should take advantage of that.

LTC is a currency, and it doesn’t act like a stock or bond, When buying shares of Litecoin, you are only swapping your money with Litecoin currency. Litecoin has the potentials to hit it big in the coming years based on the steady increase(In July 2013, 1 LTC = $2.80 and now,1LTC= $70) in the market cap,


You need to note that, cryptocurrency investment is speculative and unpredictable, and it involves risks. The market is full of uncertainty, susceptible to attack and capital loss. There are many parameters one needs to check before investing. Don’t invest only based on what you have read here, but invest based on the fact that, you have sought advice.
I wish you success!