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What Is SingularDTV ?

The blockchain is a technology which has been changing the world and how we think about money, economy, and even our daily lives. It works as a digital public ledger, allowing for transaction recording and registering virtually anything: from transactions to property and data. Since Bitcoin became popular and the technology started to gain a following, multiple projects came to life, including SingularDTV.

As it is, SingularDTV is a CODE (Centrally Organized Distributed Entity), which means a firm that it’s been crowdfunded and where investors gain a profit originating from their purchased tokens even though they don’t have a direct participation in the decision-making process.

SingularDTV looks to create a more decentralised entertainment history through the implementation of Ethereum smart contracts.

To better understand this proposition and how you could benefit from investing in it, we’ll start analysing its most important factors.

1. What Is It?
As mentioned, it is a decentralised entertainment company.
Right now, it’s composed of four elements: Singular (a TV series), a documentary division, a video-on-demand portal, and the rights and royalty distribution platform.
The platform has its own token, the SNGLS, which represent ownership of shares and rights to content available in the platform as well as revenue from the platform itself.
2. Who’s Behind It?
According to CrunchBase, the current team working at SingularDTV is made up by:
a. Joseph Lubin (CTO and Founder): Cum laude graduate in computer science, Co-Founder of Ethereum and ConsenSys, a decentralised software service and apps developing firm.
b. Zach Lebeau (CEO and Founder): Worldwide acclaimed musician, notable for his debut album ETCHNO, with DJ Vajdai. He’s also the creator of the SINGULAR TV series.
c. Arie Levy (CFO and Founder): Former International Client Advisor and Private Banker at Morgan Stanley. Investment advisor for think tanks and blockchain companies.
d. Kim Jackson (CCO and Founder): Producer and President of Evotion Media. Involved in Munich, Click, and Gun Hill Road. Also, serves as a judge in several media awards.

3. Practical Uses.
By providing a decentralised platform for entertainment, SingularDTV allows for multiple directors and entrepreneurs to start their projects, promoting independent work and helping develop the future of entertainment in a world where digital services are becoming more popular.
The SNGLS, its token, allows for these visionaries to earn funding for their films while, at the same time, lets users and investors gain a profit since their investments in (and with) these tokens will represent shares of ownership, and thus, entitlement to royalties.
Besides, their latest release (Tokit) makes it so that anyone can create their own tokens to monetise their content.
4. Mining.
At the time, there is no information about any mining method with which these tokens can be obtained, nor how transactions are recorded into the blockchain.
It could be speculated, in the case of a mining system being developed, that it would probably consist of a Proof of Stake since Ethereum moved towards that concept. However, information on this subject doesn’t appear to be available.
5. Investing Notes.
Since they’re starting a company, it would be wise to pay close attention to their news portals.
They recently created the Tokit platform which allows people to tokenize their creations to sell shares of ownership (represented by the tokens they’ve generated). Thus, it would be wise to stay on the lookout for promising projects taking advantage of this platform.
For more information, you may follow SingularDTV through these links:
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Official Twitter: @SingularDTV