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What Is Veritaseum ?

Veritaseum is the first cryptocurrency platform that was established with a firm look into disrupting the status quo of established stock exchange markets. It is a blockchain based initiative founded to cut off middlemen and brokers to create a direct p2p trade infrastructure for users around the world.

The present state of the traditional stoke exchanges is such that it relies heavily on middlemen and brokers to facilitate trades of shares and assets on behalf of subscribers. These middlemen come at a hefty cost to the users themselves, who are forced to keep using them due to the tons of paperwork and red tape which hinders the buyer from trading directly.

Veritaseum sees to cut all the red tape and bureaucratic jargon that is constantly associated with the stock markets. Through its platform, the user will have a direct access to the capital markets and will be able to make their trades, both buying and selling instantly and without restrictions as to the location of the subscriber. Veritaseum will tap into the immutability of the blockchain technology to ensure that all trades and transactions are safely done and no investor gets a raw deal.

Using Smart contracts trades and can be automated with absolute ease, as investors will be able to buy in to stocks and sell off at set conditions which immediately kick-in once reached.


Veritaseum is led by Reggie Middleton, a well known figure on the stock market circuits


Practical Uses

The great thing about the initiative of Veritaseum is that for the first time a user can choose to trade in stocks with direct access instead of going through expensive brokers and middlemen. No need for having to call up your broker to tell them to trade in shares or buy new stocks, all can be easily handled by the user themselves using a simple user interface.

One of the great inventions that Veritaseum brings to the table is the fact that smart contracts can now be used to automate trades. People will now be able to anticipate the rise and falls of stocks and other financial assets, in order to buy when the prices are low and to sell when prices appreciate. This easy to use automation will not only provide ease for the user, it will also help them polish their trading skills and demystify misconceptions of the difficulty of trading on stock exchanges.

And for the stock markets themselves, the decentralized trading platform will usher in a new wave of customers and stock market investors that were otherwise cut off from the industry. Markets will now be at the doorsteps of users wherever they may be located in the world, eliminating any state line restrictions.



Veritaseum is an issued token not a mined cryptocurrency. It presently has a market cap of almost $210 million.

Investors’ Notes

Veritaseum is potentially tapping into a trillion dollar market with its venture, and if the idea catches on the whole idea of how stocks are traded will be changed forever. However, investor’s must take diligent measures as Veritaseum has previously reported theft of thousands of tokens from its facilities. Security is paramount to build trust as such Veritaseum must do everything to douse the labels of not being serious or sometimes called an outright scam. The industry is ripe for the picking but Veritaseum needs to get its act together.