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What Is Waves ?

Those who want to create their own cryptocoin tokens should have a look at Waves – an open-source blockchain platform. Well known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded on external exchanges, the later one lets its users working with a smart contract to make new tokens on the platform, but with Waves this feature is included in its main software and wallet. The blockchain tokens created by the users can be traded, transferred and exchanged on a peer-to-peer basis, but fees must be paid in native WAVES tokens.

There’s a fixed supply of Waves, set at 100 million, and uses a network consensus algorithm established on Bitcoin-NG, which was upgraded for proof-of-stake networks, known as Waves-NG. Waves works with trusted gateways to deliver blockchain tokens that are upheld with real money and virtual coins for operating on its own platform.

Alexander Ivanov, a Russian physicist, created Waves in 2016 with funds from a crowdsale organized in April and May 2016. There is an international base of users that form the community and that help in Waves’ development, and there are a multitude of projects created on the platform and located in different parts of the world.