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AAptitude – the First Escrow Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain

The escrow service is one of the many economic and financial services available in the world of cryptocurrencies. This service provides a safe and secure way for anyone to use their cryptocurrency when purchasing or selling their goods and services online. 

 The escrow service is one of the most popular and recognizable custody services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. But, exactly how does it operate, and why is it so popular?

 Before making a transaction, tokens are transferred to a third-party smart contract called escrow. The escrow holds the deposited tokens until the payment conditions are satisfied. The parties involved in the transaction need to ensure that both the agreed product/service is delivered and payment is made.

 AAptitude, a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain network, releases the first Escrow Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Why is this an important event? Because the Escrow Marketplace by AAptitude is the ideal solution to creating a safer space for consumers in the cryptosphere. The escrow will serve as a marketplace to find, review, and facilitate transactions for various projects and services. 

Read further to discover the functionalities and the benefits of using the Escrow Marketplace by AAptitude.

Escrow Marketplace by AAptitude

The Escrow Marketplace makes buying and selling with crypto safe. AAptitude says that the time of being scammed has come to an end for both buyers and sellers. The escrow service will operate as a marketplace, where vendors will be able to set up a shop

then advertise to sell their goods and services. The Escrow Marketplace will aim to host a simple space through which buyers and sellers can identify specific services and assess the quality and reliability of both buyers and sellers.

 When setting up a shop, vendors must determine whether they are an individual seller or a business seller and then follow the steps made for each category. You can find more details about this on AAptitude’s website.

 But, how exactly does the Escrow Marketplace work? When consumers identify a service or product they would like to purchase, they will select “buy” as though they are completing a swap. This will transfer your funds into an escrow locker until the service has been provided. Transactions concluded through the escrow service will not incur the transaction tax associated with buying and selling $AAPT (should you choose to use $AAPT). However, they will still incur the gas fees associated with any transaction.

 The funds will remain in the locker until both the buyer and seller acknowledge the provided service or product; the escrow service will then release the funds.

 Also, it is essential to mention that only a % of the revenue generated from the Escrow Marketplace and game will be contributed, not 100% of it.  

All transactions that occur via the escrow service will incur a small fee depending on the type of currency used.

 Purchases made in the Escrow Marketplace will be limited to selected methods, including:

  • AAptitude (AAPT)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Binance (BNB)
  • Fiat

More essential details about Escrow Marketplace

AAptitude’s CEO wants to ensure future users that the Escrow Marketplace has full KYC to financial institutions and all the proper authorities. Everything about the Escrow Marketplace is legal and will be ready to go without any problems on launch day.

 Moreover, AAptitude says that 1% of all the transactions from the escrow are directed straight to the token as a burn, so it will raise the MarketCap floor organically and boost everyone’s investment in the token.

Other products by AAptitude

 AAptitude does not limit their products just at escrow service. They want to offer their users a complex crypto experience. In this direction, they created with Tailfin Games another product, Last Gang Standing.

 If you like Metaverse combined with games or have never tried it but were curious about it, this is the right product to join. In Last Gang Standing, you will be able to gather up a group of your friends, build a base, add a factory, some turrets, teleporters, doors, foxholes, and decorations, and then move on out to dominate. The game is already launched on Steam as a pre-alpha and fully playable with a pre-alpha key.

 Elements of this Metaverse game will be intrinsically tied to the AAptitude token, facilitating a Buyback and Burn of the AAptitude token via in-game purchases of skins/NFTs (Cosmetic Items) to increase your ongoing enjoyment and progress in the game.

 Steam will power Last Game Standing, and therefore, in-game purchases will only be available in fiat. However, a portion of these in-game purchases will contribute to a Buyback and Burn of $AAPT.

 Furthermore, future developments of the AAptitude marketplace will facilitate the purchase of skins/NFTs in $AAPT at a discounted rate and promote the sale of skins/NFTs.

 Generally, in-game NFTs can only be sold in return for Steam credits, so utilizing the AAptitude marketplace will be the only way to sell rare items you have acquired or purchased in-game for exchangeable currency. 

A portion of all revenue generated from the game is directed to the AAptitude token in the same way the Escrow Marketplace’s fees are. Moreover, revenue from the game will come from three places: direct sales from the game, in-game advertisements, and in-game sales of cosmetic items like skins. 

AAptitude is making regular giveaways of the keys on their social media, so everyone has a chance to try it out themselves.

Connect for more

If this information was enough to make you curious to try AAptitude’s products, then we invite you to connect with their community on Telegram to read about other users’ experiences. AAptitude’s community is open for new members, even if you just want to learn more about Escrow, Metaverse, or cryptocurrencies. 

If you become interested in their products, you can find more information on their official website