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What Is ABBC Coin?

ABBC is a decentralized blockchain technology built for security, distribution, shopping and finance. The vision of ABBC is to accelerate the distribution and sharing of financial assets safely using facial recognition technology. The idea is that, smartphone users can transact at a glance and securely just by flaunting their face in the vendor’s camera.

ABBC team is determined to connect the entire shopping industry via blockchain platform. The team has made a bold statement, blockchain technology is not only about cryptocurrencies, but should be involved in other spheres of day-to-day activities.

One of the ABBC‘s prominent features is “recognition technology” where it’s being deployed as a facial password for daily transactions in its ecosystem. This technology has contributed to the rise of its’ coin in the cryptocurrency market.

ABBC foundation has a strong community platform for profit-sharing and other life-changing values. The system allows the cryptocurrency population to share and earn ABBC coins.

Features of ABBC

Facial recognition technology: This technology is deployed where smartphones users can make instant payment with their face appearing in the vendor’s camera. This builds trust and security in financial transactions and other day-t0-day applications

Security: ABBC Coin technology offers security for financial transactions using blockchain technology.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai): ABBC blockchain technology uses artificial-intelligence techniques for image recognition.

ABBC Team of ABBC        

ABBC team is a team of experts, technocrats and security experts who have made name in the cryptocurrency world. Jason Daniel Paul Philip is the team head. He is the founder and CEO of ABBC foundation. Jason Paul Philip has over eight years’ experience in software development and tech entrepreneurship.

Other members of the team include:

Umer abbas: he is the Chief technology Officer of ABBC foundation.

Umer Farooq: he is the head of blockchain development team.

Jene Claude: he is the head of Application development team.

Diana Suyertayeva: she is the head of the finance team.

Suresh Kana: he is the head of the marketing team.

Practical Uses of ABBC

  • ABBC is used for secured payment transactions.
  • ABBC uses facial recognition technology for identification in payment transactions.
  • ABBC technology is a platform for online shopping.
  • ABBC technology is an e-learning platform that covers all aspect of financial education including the stock exchange, financial analysis, cryptocurrency, asset management and many more.
  • ABBC coin is being used entirely for all transactions within and outside the network.
  • ABBC coin is used for trading with other cryptocurrencies in the exchange market.

Mining of ABBC coins

ABBC Coin is mined by downloading the ABBC Mining Software from the official site. Follow the instructions on how to mine by visiting the official homepage for more details.

Notes for Investors

ABBC Coin (ABBC) hit 132% growth in its’ few weeks of the ICO lunch. ABBC is one of the digital services oriented blockchains that is expected to perform creditably well in the cryptocurrency market. The steady rise of the currency has shown that, the currency will record more improvement in the years to come.

The unit price of ABBC coin (ABBC) is USD 0.332124 while the market cap is USD131, 791,992; the circulating supply is 396,815,928 ABBC.

The statistics show that the ABBC coin’s performance is on the steady rise and likely to hit $1 before the end of the first quarter of the year 2019.


This article is not to recommend ABBC coin for trading or any form of investment. Whatever you do with this article is your discretion and I will not be held accountable.