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What Is Aeternity ?

Aeternity is a blockchain startup whose take is not on a banking sector problem in the traditional financial institutions or any other problem in the conventional world, but its sight are dead-set on solving the arising problems that have come up with the use of established blockchain names such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Aeternity is a project that seeks to provide a better, more efficient, more productive, and cheaper blockchain infrastructure for blockchain startups than what is currently available with household names especially Ethereum.

Aeternity once in full force aims to solve intractable problems the industry seems to grapple with such as scalability, and transparency in governance structure. It will offer its subscribers an extremely fast way to initiate and execute smart contracts on its blockchain faster than what is available on Ethereum. And unlike anything before it, it offers the user an added layer of privacy which means that the intricate details of smart contracts executed on its blockchain are only known by the participants of said Smart Contract . This is because no such detail ever gets recorded on the blockchain during or after its execution. With its Decentralized Oracle feature, Aeternity offers an efficient mechanism for those in the betting and predictions industry, with bets automatically settled based on the real-time info pool these oracles suck in from the real world.
Aeternity is led by Founder and CEO Yanislav Malahov, with Marion Vogel serving as its head of marketing operations, Nikol Stojanow serving as head of Business Development among others
Practical Uses
The blockchain technology might be making waves in the real world and changing the status quo in almost every industry on the planet, but it also needs to take a look inwards to solve the myriad of problems that seem to be cropping up from the use of most of its big name outfits. Most blockchain startups are not built for a huge audience of subscribership to use it all at the same time, this is why blockchains such as Bitcoin get clogged up due to the high influx of users all conducting transactions at the same time.
For very long calls have continually been made for blockchains such as that of Bitcoin to improve in order to reflects its present realities but to no avail, as the core developers resist such call due to the fear of unknown consequences any change might bring about. This is where Aeternity’s chance arises, as no matter how widespread the adaptation of Bitcoin and Ethereum might be, they still need to improve in order to continue being relevant. And with their mostly resistive posture especially with Bitcoin, a great opportunity arises for the like of Aeternity to provide a better ecosystem for developers to take advantage of.
Aeternity is a hybrid proof of work/proof of stake coin that gives it’s the advantage of both sides
Investor’s Notes
What Aeternity seeks to accomplish is indeed very ambitious and its success will be indeed a thing to behold. Technology is never a stagnant affair and always moves with its time. Bitcoin stayed in its original form which gave the way for Ethereum to become the huge success it is today. Another opportunity has risen as Ethereum tries to follow the footsteps of its predecessor in resisting change. However, whether Aeternity makes it or not largely depends on the actual action of its team of developers. The huge potential market is there, they just need to work hard at making it theirs.

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