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What Is Aion ?

Aion is a decentralized blockchain technology with multi-tier capabilities, built to enhance the interoperability, scalability and privacy of blockchain networks. The team aimed to build a platform that can bridge the communication gap between different blockchains.

A blockchain company based in Canada known as Nuco developed Aion network and it’s tokenized.

Aion works like computer networks; information is being passed across in value and logic to the users. When transactions are carried-out within its platform, it passes liquid assets freely without intermediaries.

Aion dissipates its’ energy on third-generation blockchain which is well known as the Aion-1.The way it’s being designed it to link different blockchains and manage its’ applications. Aion-1 inter-operates with other blockchains within its’ ecosystem.

Problems AION intends to solve:

  • To bridge the communication gap between dissimilar blockchains; making them understand one language.
  • AION’ design and Intent are to scale and decentralize network of different blockchains.
  • AION intends to use Proof of Intelligence, not only bridging the existing blockchains but also to scale more applications on private The team planned to expand this vision in other to accommodate more problem-solving features within a stipulated period of 5 years.


AION is a community-based project and has established two foundations to its’ credit. Aion ecosystem and Aion foundation are the foundations. The team is led by a group of engineers in the persons of Engr.Alexandra Roatis, Engr.Chris L and Engrail Sharif

Other members of the team include:

Junius Tu-who is the CTO of AION.

Jason Burke-who is the Chief Financial Officer of the organization.

Duncan Cameron-who heads the business development group.

Dipesh Pradhan-who is the business strategy expert of the group.

They also have 24 other member staff holding different key positions for the company.


For more details about the comprehensive list, please, visit the AION’s website.


For AION’s advisors, we have the following names who are well known in the cryptocurrency industry:


Anthony Di Lorio,-he is a co-founder of Jaxx, CEO and founder at Decentral.He was once a Chief Digital Officer at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Eric Gu- he is the founder of Metaverse Foundation. He had a 4 years stint as a co-founder with ViewFin; The company is a well-known Chinese blockchain technology industry and the developer of Metaverse.

Jeff Pulver-he is a serial Internet entrepreneur, became well known for his contribution as a founder and CEO of and one of the founding members of Free World Dialup. Jeff Pulver is popularly called Voice over Internet Protocol pioneer.


Practical Uses of AION

  • It provides increased information capacity and quick transaction processing to all Aion blockchains.
  • It sends incentive and information between any Aion-compliant blockchain and Ethereum.
  • It helps users to get customized blockchains either private or public that inter-operate with multiple blockchains. It also allows publishers to choose consensus mechanisms, governance, issuance, and participation.

Mining of AION

Mining can be carried-out using proof of intelligence similar to PoW pool mining.

It involves a pool contributing resources together to mine and gets rewarded based on individual’s contributions. Rewards are given when a block is added to the blockchain and transaction details recorded.

It is worthy to note that AION can also be mined using GPU, CPU and other devices.


Notes for Investors

AION’s’current token price is $2.73 USD , the market capitalization is $342,103,945 USD
and the total number of coins circulated is 125,144,566 AION

Recent performance shows that AION token is the 31st based on market cap ranking.

Considering the less than a dollar unit price of AION during ICO and the current price of more than two dollars, it’s still worth given a second thought for investment.

DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrencies are highly risky and volatile. I cannot give you the advice to invest in AION or how much to invest. Do research and take a wise decision.