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  • $PNG BUYBACK June 30, 2022
    submitted by /u/badthanoos [link] [comments]
  • If You Want To Stay Up to Date With AVAX NFTs, There's a Twitter Spaces Today with Joepegs and their Upcoming Launch Partner Owloper June 29, 2022
    submitted by /u/Ok_Proposal_4337 [link] [comments]
  • It's quite crazy that we still don't have good automation for everyone on DeFi June 29, 2022
    There are some automation platforms, but they're very expensive, hard to use, or require coding knowledge. Daemons is here to change that. Daemons can help you create blockchain-related actions tied to certain conditions (called Scripts). You can choose a set of actions, related to everyone’s favourite Dapps, and tie them to a condition. Your request […]
  • Avalanche is looking to fund teams building new Subnet infrastructure! June 29, 2022 submitted by /u/jcrv___ [link] [comments]
  • Why Don't a Few Existing Validators Create a Few New Subnets? June 29, 2022
    Currently, the main process for subnet creation seems to be for a project with existing Avax demand (Crabada, DFK) to create a subnet and then get validators for that subnet. This is analogous to a demand-first then supply-second process. Does anyone know why this process hasn't been reversed - with blockchain supply being offered by […]
  • Avalanche Faucets? June 28, 2022
    Hi! Does anyone know of an avalanche faucet or gasless swap please? ​ I have some money stuck on AVAX that I cannot swap. ​ Thank you! submitted by /u/ProfessionalAd2077 [link] [comments]
  • Want to help Ava Labs create the best user experience with our products? June 28, 2022
    Come join the Ava Labs Research group on telegram to be the first to beta test new products and provide feedback to the team! Join here: submitted by /u/dub_rado [link] [comments]
  • Getting Started on Avalanche (as a User + Developer) June 28, 2022
    Important Links Avalanche CORE Wallet (Download) (Ledger Compatible) Whitepapers Bug bounty program ​ Support Links Bridge FAQ CORE FAQ Subnet FAQ Getting Started - New to Avalanche collection Live Chat support for issues using the Intercom at Disclaimer: Nothing below is financial advice or suggestion. All information […]
  • Core Wallet Should Not Miss Out On This Opportunity / BIG MISTAKE June 28, 2022
    Core Wallet is already out for Chrome and for sure we know it's going to be a mobile app and also firefox app. However, no one claimed that it is going to be also on Safari. At least that's what I concluded from the comments I have seen. ​ I believe this is a big […]
  • AVAX Super Minority??? June 28, 2022
    Anyone know the current super minority of validators??? Curious and want to compare to some other layer 1's submitted by /u/rekt_noobb [link] [comments]

What Is Avalanche ?

Avalanche is an open-source programmable platform that enables anyone to easily launch his/her own enterprise blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps) in a highly scalable ecosystem.

Avalanche was developed to address most of the limitations observed in the older blockchain platforms, including slow transaction/confirmation time, scalability issues and centralization, using unique technology to address them. The Avalanche consensus protocol is unique in delivering low latency and high throughput capabilities. Avalanche has recorded several products being launched in its platform, notably amongst them is Pangolin automatic market maker.

Avalanche is built around a system of three interoperable blockchains- the Exchange Chain (X-Chain), Platform Chain (P-Chain) and Contract Chain (C-Chain).

The AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche platform, used for payments, staking, utility and other related purposes within its network and subnetworks.

What Makes Avalanche Unique?

  • Avalanche provides decentralized optimized platform for anyone to launch and use in a robust network.
  • According to Ava Labs, the decentralized blockchain can handle transaction speed somewhere in the region of 4,500 transactions per second—compared to around 14 tx/sec for Ethereum and 7 tx/sec for Bitcoin.
  • This transaction speed arguably makes it better suited for high scaling decentralized applications (dApps) which has proven to be a bottleneck to many competing platforms.
  • Avalanche addresses the problem of interoperability by facilitating communications of blockchains both within a subnet and between subnets. This complements one another and supports cross-chain transfers.


Team of Avalanche

Avalanche is made up of a world-class team of experts in computer science, finance, management, economics, and law, who want to redefine the way people build and use enterprise applications. They have collective experience from leading tech companies and leading Fortune 500 finance.

The team has three co-founders, namely Emin Gün Sirer, Kevin Sekniqi and Maofan “Ted” Yin.

Emin Gün Sirer is a veteran computer scientist, a professor and an early Bitcoin investor. He is very conversant with decentralized networks.

Kevin Sekniqi is a graduate of Computer Science from Cornell University and presently pursuing his PHD in the same school. He has worked in many multi-national organizations such as Microsoft, NASA etc., as a researcher and software engineer. He is the COO of Ava Labs.

Maofan “Ted” Yin is the first author of the HotStuff Protocol used in Facebook’s Libra. He is the Chief Protocol Architect – Ava Labs.

And many team members drawn across different areas of specialization. You can get the full list of the team members from the official website.


Use Cases of Avalanche

  • Avalanche network provides people an easy-to-use platform to build their own blockchain.
  • Avalanche network is used for decentralized margin trading, borrowing, and lending.
  • Used to set up Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs).
  • Avalanche network is used in data security and digital identity.
  • AVAX token is used to power all financial activities in its ecosystem.
  • AVAX token is used for trading in major crypto exchanges.


Mining of Avalanche

Avalanche operates as a DPoS (Delegated-Proof-of-Work) ecosystem where validators approve transactions and secure the network. DPoS enhances efficiency and time efficiency during mining. You must hold a minimum of 2000 AVAX to qualify as a Validator on the network.

Another way to earn AVAX tokens is through staking; where users on the network, stake for a duration of time to earn a reward. Average reward ranges between 9.69% and 11.54%.

AVAX can also be obtained via crypto exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx and many others.

Notes for Investors

Avalanche (AVAX) is making waves in the blockchain space, having made so much progress both in project implementations and cryptocurrency market. The Avalanche (AVAX) has the potentials to be among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market value by the end of the year,2022.

As of today dated 2nd June,2021, the unit price of Avalanche (AVAX) is $19.91 USD, the market capitalization is $2,579,629,093, the circulating supply is 130,414,501.21 AVAX and is currently ranked 47th in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics have shown that, Avalanche (AVAX) will make an impact in the future considering the notable professionals and institutions putting in their resources and time in the project.


Quick Disclaimer:

This report is not in anyway, intended to recommend Avalanche (AVAX) for investment but for informational purpose. The crypto market is presently experiencing instability and cannot be invested based on a report like this. Please, consult your financial advisor for any decision making.