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  • What does "Ethereum-based" coin mean, exactly? February 9, 2019
    I have very basic knowledge of cryptos but still am lost.... what exactly makes it tied to Ethereum? while being a seperate coin [link] [comments]
  • This guy says "Brave is infringing Google's trademark on Chrome" October 24, 2018
    This is from May but it's a good read. This guy get's on Brave's github and lambasts them saying" Brave is infringing Google's trademark on Chrome" ​ TL:DR Crazed dude, clearly a publisher making money from ads, basically threatens to tattle on Brave to Google about using chrome (a Google trademark) as the user […]
  • Exodus Wallet exchanges BAT coins January 3, 2018
    I used Exodus wallet to purchase BAT coins after buying and transferring Bitcoin Cash from GDAX with minimal fees. submitted by /u/skepticology [link] [comments]
  • What is the easiest way to trade BAT? August 9, 2017
    I think BAT is promising and would like to buy some. What is the easiest way for me to do it? I would prefer to buy with fiat directly. submitted by /u/umbrosum [link] [comments]
  • Ready. Set. Go August 8, 2017
    submitted by /u/FlashGordn [link] [comments]
  • Prediction: BAT will be $1+ by mid-October August 5, 2017
    My prediction: Basic Attention Token (BAT) will be $1+ by sometime in October, 2017. Price as of thread: $0.14. Reasons Team (to highlight a few): Brendan Eich - Creator of Javascript, co-founded Mozilla & Firefox. Brian Bondy - Worked extensively on Mozzila, Khan Academy, and Evernote. Greg Badros - Previously Vice President of Engineering & […]
  • Subreddit Launch August 4, 2017
    Hi everyone, As you can tell I have just launched this subreddit for the active discussion of everything pertaining to the BAT market. This is in no way part of the official subreddit and I am not affiliated with the BAT/Brave team. Please give me some time to get this subreddit completely set up. Thank […]

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What Is Basic Attention ?

Basic Attention is a new cryptocurrency platform and token that is aiming to re-invent online advertising using the power of the blockchain. The advertising industry is extremely messed up.
Most of the money in the industry is being taken away by middlemen that charge a hefty amount for their services. The end result is poor and not at all what advertisers are seeking. They believe they should be deciding themselves about how to advertise to their potential clients and such.

Currently there is a triangle of advertisers, middle men and viewers.
Basic Attention Token (BAT) is looking at a different model in which money flows from advertisers to content creators and to publications directly without the need for the involvement of middle men. Ad viewers also reward publications in the form of tips as part of this process.
Practical Uses
Engagement with ad content is an extremely contentious issue. On one hand you cannot do it without collecting data of your customers while on the other hand too much data of the masses is illegal and unethical. To break this stereotype, BAT has announced a whole new browser for this purpose.
The browser is called Brave and it has gained a reputation among users as a browser that respects the privacy of the people and their online data while at the same time giving real-time data of the ad performances. BAT envisages mass participation of the people in the new browser and earning BAT tokens in exchange for viewing promotional content. To get started with the BAT token you have to have the Brave browser in working condition.
Brendan Eich-co-founder and former member of the Mozilla foundation.
Brian Boody- co-founder and Browser developer
Yan Zhou-Security and Privacy Engineering
Scott Locklin-Smart Contracts and Economics
And many others.
The BAT token was raised through an Initial Coin Offering held in June 2017. All the coins come pre-mined and there is no official minin in the BAT platform so mining activity is present. But, you can involve in their development efforts to earn new coins for the future.
Notes for Investors
The price of the BAT token has been remarkably consistent since their June release. A particular reason for this increase could be the fact that many crypto users couldn’t get their hands on the new coin at the time of the ICO where it raised more than $30 million in a matter of minutes. The current price is around $0.19 and the total market cap is around $192 million.