Belize City

Top places to see and top things to do in Belize City

  • By Allan K
  • Destinations
  • 30.05.2017

Belize City used to be Belize’ capital until 1970, but the 1961 hurricane caused too much damage and the capital was moved nearer to the island’s centre. The city dates back to the Maya civilization when it was called Holzuz. 1638 mars the city’s birth, but at that time it was only a town. Read on to find out what tourists can see and do when visiting.

Bliss Institute
This is a cultural centre as it hosts a theatre, a museum, and the National Arts Council. The construction lasted for just one year, and its architecture followed the trends of international modernism.

Image Factory Art Foundation and Gallery
This museum is dedicated to Belizean art and literature. It is located near another museum, the Maritime Museum. Visit them both if time permits.

The Swing Bridge
The official name of this bridge is The Belize City Swing Bridge, and it is located downtown Belize City. The bridge was build in Liverpool, and still manually operated.

Most tourists can’t go home without some souvenirs. The Belize Museum as a very interesting gift shop, though gift stores are almost everywhere in the City. It is best to carry cash to pay for stuff and to have more of it in weekends.

Most tourists also want to eat unusual dishes, and Belize City has plenty of restaurants to choose from. There is a fine, very upscale restaurant as well, and its chef sure doesn’t disappoint.

Attend a festival
The visit to this Central American destination can’t be over without a festival or two. While there are several of them throughout the year, the Belize City Carnival in September, Garifuna Settlement Day on 19th of November, and the March 9th, Baron Bliss Day, stand out.