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  • Cancel OCO Order payload November 15, 2019
    The return payload for is not documented. Can we get that fixed? submitted by /u/mathrio [link] [comments]
  • US user hodling coins on - How long are funds safu? November 12, 2019
    My friend got into crypto during the 2017 bullrun and bought a bunch of shitcoins on Binance which were left, and are still on, the exchange. She isnt' very technologically savy and has a lot of coins that have transitioned to their own main net so moving them off is not an option ATM. How […]
  • Can someone unban me from the Telegram group? November 12, 2019
    I have been banned from the Binance English Telegram group and I have no idea why. Maybe I posted to many gifs? I'll behave, just let me back in. Can someone please unban me? Username: Zifnaf submitted by /u/zifnaf [link] [comments]
  • Creating API keys for a sub account November 10, 2019
    Hi All, I was wondering how I can create API keys for my sub accounts on Binance? It seems I can only create them for the master account. Thank you submitted by /u/wiptheman [link] [comments]
  • Binance Futures Market Maker Competition November 10, 2019
    By my count, porting the bot to binance futures cost me about $150 USD and I've traded ~18 btc notional over the last 1k trades, with maybe 4k trades total - according to the exported doc about 80 btc notional traded - in the last 5ish hours. I'm hoping to expedite my application to enter […]
  • Binance Chain's BEP3 atomic pegs [Explained] November 9, 2019
    submitted by /u/corollari [link] [comments]
  • Help with advanced order (API Service) November 9, 2019
    does anyone know an external API service/software where I can place entry, stop loss, and profit simultaneously AND It's compatible with binance margin account (where you can borrow and short) submitted by /u/The_Gh0st_Within [link] [comments]
  • Atomic Swaps on Binance Chain November 8, 2019
    submitted by /u/corollari [link] [comments]
  • Site improvement suggestion. Balance. Add sub-tab to query string when you switching November 7, 2019
    Hello! Thank you for the great service! Problem: if you are on not the first sub-tab and want to update the information on the page(refresh page), than after the update you get to the first sub-tab. Suggestion: when switching by sub-tabs, add the parameter of this sub-tab to the address bar. Which would allow you […]
  • What future holds to KAVA? November 7, 2019
    Hello, this is my first post on this community so greetings to everybody and i hope i can learn a lot from you!! I been trying to research about this coin i invested some money into, i am new to trading, and i am still learning, winning, losing, but most importantly learning.. Anyways, to the […]

What Is Binance Coin ?

Bianance coin is issued token coin that is used by users on the Shanghai based Binance Exchange, one of the biggest in China. The token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain was created to provide a lasting solution for the high exchange market fees that users usually pay in buying, selling or listing a cryptocurrency on various exchanges. The aim of Binance coin is to become the only coin through which transaction fees are paid and it already has gone into play n the Binance Exchange itself.

At present, users buying or selling on the exchange get massive discounts on their transaction fees on the Binance Exchange for using the Binance Coin. Fees have been skyrocketing for cryptocurrency users as the various blockchains get choked up especially for Bitcoin. This means that whenever a user needs their transaction to go faster they’d have to pay prohibitive fees to miners to get their transactions processed speedily.
With Binance, the average Exchange user can pay a huge part of their transaction fees using the alt coin instead of making a significant dent on their Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency holdings. Binance Coin crucially also eyes the making of the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the very near future, which will be a game changer for the industry once it comes to being.
Team: The Binance team is led by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao
Practical Uses
The problem that Binance Coin seeks to solve is very real as users on cryptocurrency all over the world have been groaning for long with huge transaction fees that they have to pay at every given step dealing with their exchanges. Whether you are buying, selling or simply transferring your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, there are charges that are unavoidable for the transaction to go through. Binance Coin aims to separate your Bitcoin holdings and the transaction you make with them from the fees you pay. With its concept Binance Coin will cover your exchange fees which will be a massive boost for cryptocurrency users all over the world
The eventual creation of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange will bring not only ease but a lot of choice for cryptocurrency users all over the world. The present state barriers preventing buyers from certain countries buying from many exchanges will be a thing of the past. Just like the transaction of sending cryptocurrencies is fluid, making the purchase over a stateless decentralized exchange will be a massive development for the industry. A decentralized exchange will ensure there are no downtimes, and threats some exchanges face from their home country authorities will cease to have an effect.

Binance is an issued token and is not mined. The Binance Exchange says it will issue a total of 200 Million Binance Coins to users. It will then go on a buy-back exercise which will eventually see the total number in circulation to be 100 million coins.
Investor Notes
The concept behind the Binance Coin is very solid and the problem it seeks to solve is very real. The cryptocurrency exchanges need to have an easy to use way of settling transaction fees and this makes Binance Coin a potentially huge thing if it gets endorsement from other exchanges. And of course the creation of the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange will be a massive game changer for the industry.

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