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What Is bitcoinsv ?

Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV)) is a peer-to-peer network of original Bitcoin protocol, built to massively scale and secure transactions on the blockchain.

Bitcoinsv has  a full node blockchain built to fulfill  the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin).The creators of bitcoinsv believed that Bitcoin cash, created to fulfill that vision, has deviated just like the core Bitcoin. It was created on the request of mining enterprise CoinGeek for better mining experience and building of applications.

Bitcoin SV restores a payment system that is secure, better user experience and a cheaper merchant cost. Bitcoin SV’s brand restores investors’ confidence to invest in BSV blockchain.

Wallets and Exchanges

Since the hard-forking of Bitcoinsv in November 2018, an appreciable number of organizations and BCH projects have identified with Bitcoinsv. Wallets that support Bitcoinsv are:

Electrum SV


CashPay Wallet

Atomic Wallet






Pixel Wallet

And many more

Exchanges that support Bitcoinsv include:





Huobi Global



And many more.


Many applications are now built on Bitcoinsv since November 2018’s launch. Some of the applications include: Bitcoin ATM, Bitstocks, Search BSV, Money Button, Keyport TV, Blockchair and others, numerous to mention.

Developer Tools

These are tools for Bitcoin SV developers to develop any App on the platform. The lists are:

Oyo, Trends, Nakasendo sdk, bitdb, BitcoinJ, BitSocket,BSV Java Script Library, BSV DEVS and DataPay.

Team of Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV assembled the best developers and blockchain experts in view to realize its’ objectives. The team is led by Daniel Connolly, who is the lead developer. Daniel has over 20 years’ experience in enterprise solutions. He has held senior IT positions in United Nations Agencies and contributed immensely in developing Electron Cash project and other projects for them.

Another member is Steve Shadders- he is the technical director and has been industry participant since 2011.

Visit their official site on how to contact them on any confidential issue or security vulnerability.

Practical Uses of Bitcoin SV

  • Bitcoin SV is used for improved payment solutions.
  • The platform helps developers to build applications.
  • Bitcoin SV token is used for trading at the exchange market.
  • Bitcoin SV is used for investment and credit facilities.
  • Bitcoin SV is used for cross border remittance.

Mining of Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is mined using PoW algorithm. All you need is work station or PC to mine using CPU/GPU, ASIC or participate in pool mining.

Bitcoin SV token can be obtained through the exchange and we have many of them who trade Bitcoin SV token.

Notes for Investors

Bitcoin SV is relatively doing well in the crypto market, going by its innovations and the caliber of companies backing them. Bitcoin SV is an improved version of Bitcoin,having addressed some of the shortcomings of Bitcoin,you should watch-out for this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin SV will definitely be among the top 5 cryptocurrencies by the end of 2019.

Presently, the unit price of Bitcoin SV is USD75.84 (1.5%) ,the market capitalization is USD1,308,874,847 the circulating supply is 17,477,298BCHSV and is currently ranked 10th  in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics have shown Bitcoin SV is a digital currency for the future and has already started gaining traction.


This writer’s report is not intended to endorse Bitcoin SV for investment but to get the public well informed about Bitcoin SV.The cryptocurrency market is experiencing instability lately, and any intending investor needs to seek advice before investing.