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Find Cheap Car Rentals

One would think that renting a car is cheap, but it really isn't and sometimes people get overcharged for the car damages that were already present. Let's find out how you can pay less for your car rental when you're away from home and need to drive.

Don't rent at the airport
If you're flying into a new city you might be tempted to rent a car at the airport, but this could prove to be a mistake. You could be spending at least $100 extra if you rent at the airport, just for a weekend getaway. How much you spend usually depends on the city you go to.

Use coupons
Coupons are not only to buy groceries, but they can help you rent a car for less as well. Usually these coupons can be found online. Make sure to do some research on these coupons to be absolutely sure you'll be saving money.

Prepaid rental cars are an option
Everyone seems to agree that a prepaid car is a really cheap solution. The problem arise when the plans change as the terms are inflexible. Making a normal reservation can sometimes bring an even lower fee, and you can get your money back from the prepaid car.