Caribou Highlands Lodge And Lutsen Resort

Lutsen, Minnesota: Caribou Highlands Lodge And Lutsen Resort

  • By Kate P
  • Resorts
  • 20.07.2016

It is really difficult to narrow down all the reasons you should go to Caribou Highlands Lodge and Lutsen Resort in Lutsen, Minnesota but let us say skiing, activities, food, variety of accommodations, and finding a potential vacation home in a wonderful natural setting are the top five.


Snow skiing is tops. There are over 90 runs, four mountains, and four lifts so waiting is no problem. Even with warmer temperatures the snow pack averages more than nine feet every year so you never get disappointed if you book ahead. You can rent any skiing or snow sport equipment at the resort. Pros are available for training at all skill levels. The views are some of the most majestic in the world. Drive in, fly in, or take a resort shuttle because the roads are open 98 percent of the time.


There is more to life than skiing and the resort and area offers plenty of other activities and events that are sure to appeal to any age group. Weekend outdoor fires and cookouts are a favorite. There is a heated swimming pool slope side. Try a dog sled for the first time in your life. In the spring and summer try fishing, nature hiking, taking a canoe trip, golf, or stay in and have a relaxing massage. Daily excursions to shopping and state parks are available all year.


The Moguls Grille is rated as one of the most delicious food experiences you will ever enjoy with a view that no one can beat. Specialties include prime rib, salmon in bourbon, and other dishes prepared by the resident chef. Dine by the fire or on the patio. Try a 22 ounce beer for a buck as a featured bar service.

Variety of Accommodations

The Caribou Highlands Lodge and Lutsen Resort have a room and a price range that fits everyone. You can select from rooms in the lodge, town homes, condominiums, and luxury homes on Poplar Ridge. The resort strives to provide the greatest level of luxury and the widest variety of amenities in every location. Rooms for two are as low as $69 a night and specials make the most luxurious residences affordable to anyone.

Your new vacation home

The area has a huge number of properties for sale. Lots, lots with acreage, and completely finished homes are available. Build or buy as you choose. The popularity of the resort makes this a great investment that can pay for itself if you rent your second home.