Cedar Valley Resort

Lanesboro, Minnesota: Cedar Valley Resort

  • By Kate P
  • Resorts
  • 20.07.2016

The top five reasons to stay at Cedar Valley Resort in Lanesboro, Minnesota are year round action, family friendly atmosphere, the variety of activities, the accessibility to shopping and attractions, and the views.

Year Round Action

You will find plenty to do at Cedar Valley Resort all year long. Skiing bike trails, kayak and canoe trips, fishing, hiking, hunting, or just having a massage are a short list of the activities available. Say in the resort or a private cabin. Try Frisbee golf for the first time in your life.

Family Friendly

Some resorts cater to a more mature clientele and some cater to people looking to hook up. Cedar Valley has maintained a family oriented atmosphere since the resort opened. The resort provides more adult entertainment in the bar and resort club like drinking and dancing but the resort is a place for families to reconnect and enjoy the outdoors with each other.

Variety of Activities

You can be as lazy or as sporty as you want to be at Cedar Valley Resort. You can loll by the water and get a massage or you can go out for a day or longer on a guided fishing, hunting, or boating tour. A complete playground for children of all ages is available. Private cabins are located in eight different areas that highlight one special aspect of the lovely country you want to enjoy.

Shopping and Attractions

Crafts, Amish furniture, a theater, a winery, five golf courses, an art museum, and a wood carving museum are only 20 minutes from the resort. Two caves, a number of horse trails, a bow hunting museum, wagon rides, and sleigh rides in the winter are favorite attractions. You can shop for some of the world’s most unique and well-crafted antiques.

The views

No place on Earth gives you the variety of views and natural beauty that Cedar Valley Resort provides. Babbling rivers and streams, majestic mountains, wild life galore, and the peace and serenity of nature make this resort a must see.