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What Is Cindicator ?


Cindicator is decentralized blockchain system that applies both human intelligence and machine intelligence for a better asset management, cryptomarkets, and financial analysis. As a decentralized ecosystem, it combines a diverse financial analysis and a set of machine intelligence model into a hybrid intelligence. It is an infrastructure that can manage investors’ money applicable to day-to-day financial transaction and cryptomarkets forecast.

Cindicator’s community consists of over fifty thousand financial analysts with adequate knowledge in the areas of stock, currency, and cryptomarkets. These analysts analyze questions gathered together from the project’s platform and their answers are evaluated and weighed using machine intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence formulates the analysis into information that will be beneficial to the Cindicator’s community in the day –to- day financial activities.

Currently, Cindicator’s model is only applicable for market predictions and analysis but has a theoretical application to scientific research/analysis, business/corporate solutions and government event predictions.

Main Features

  • Trading portfolios using unique tools and models
  • Machine and Human intelligence algorithms
  • Economic boost for all ecosystem community
  • Analytics of market and industry indexes/pointers.
  • Has mobile base app for forecasters’ input.


Why do we need Cindicator ?

Information as a veritable tool for asset management and financial analysis is rapidly increasing while the market analytics instrument remains static. Cindicator as an infrastructure based solutions is needed to bring up to speed, market analytical tools. It eradicates market manipulations and gives predictions based on accurate market hypothesis. Lastly, Cindicator has a working product. One can easily download the Cindicator from apple store or google store and start predicting immediately. You get a reward for every correct prediction made; it’s fun.


The team is co-founded by Mike Brusov(CEO) and Yuri Lobyntsev(CTO). Other members of the team include Artem Baranov(COO), Kate Kurbanova(Head of Analytics), Alexander Frolov(Backend Developer & Data Scientist), Marina Cherniavskaia(Product Designer)


  • It gives technological and analytical structure for capital management.
  • It takes away risks of owner’s fund when monetizing intellectual assets.
  • Cindicator provides the necessary information and tool to make less risky investment decisions.
  • Industries benefit from analytics, of opportunities, expectations and market growth.
  • It gives a high rating for cryptocurrency assets.


The mining is not based on proof of work algorithm and is ERC20 compliant. While mining Cindicator, it can be exchanged or bought with bitcoin or ethereum. Computation powers of miners are used to verify whether the transaction in the block is legitimate or not. Once it’s verified to be legit; the first miner to solve the computational problem gets the reward. The verified transaction is then stored in the public blockchain.


Cindicator is a cryptocurrency to watch closely based on its’ performance in the market cap.after the end of its ICO in September 2017.It climbed from an all-time high of 0.02$ to 0.36$ in February and this made it be among the first 100 improved cryptocurrencies in the month of February 2018.The market cap.of Cindicator is currently at $15million and with its’ performance in January 2018, when other cryptocurrencies were crashing, it’s worth investing in it.


This report is not an endorsement of Cindicator; it’s just an expression of the writer’s findings. You are advised to do a thorough research before investing in Cindicator cryptocurrency.