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Cosmos Atom Price & Charts

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Cosmos Atom News

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  • 👩‍💻👾 Interchain Foundation NFT & Metadata WG 👾👨‍💻 September 25, 2020
    ☎️ Don't miss TODAY's call at 6PM CET! ☎️ 🔍 Focus • Outcome of the Use Case collection and documentation • Overview of Use-cases by IOV, Centrifuge, IRISnet, and Molecule 📝 Full Agenda • Billy - Welcome • Shaun - Scope and Objectives • Deepanshu - Github Repo as an additional source of info • […]
  • It takes 4️⃣ quick steps to stake Cosmos via Ledger wallet September 24, 2020
    🔐 Reliable and safe Click here and start - submitted by /u/everstake [link] [comments]
  • ⚛️👩‍💻 3 Reasons Why you Want to Test Stargate Today 👨‍💻⚛️ September 24, 2020
    Imagine a blockchain that is able to create and exchange assets among many other blockchains in the Universe. In order to participate in that new economy, infrastructure providers in the Cosmos ecosystem like wallets and exchanges need to achieve readiness before mainnet for the following reasons: 🔨Verify whether Amino to Protobuf May Break Your Integrations […]
  • Cosmos step by step staking guide for newcomers September 24, 2020
    Dear, @cosmos delegators, if you didn't stake your ATOM yet - you could miss a great opportunity: 📷 Protect the network 📷Earn a passive income (APR ~10%) Read the ATOM staking guide via @AtomicWallet to make the process simple and faster - ​ submitted by /u/everstake [link] [comments]
  • 🎖️2nd Interchain Foundation Update 🎖️ September 23, 2020
    👩‍🚀🧑‍🚀Two exciting weeks have just ended, and the Cosmos ecosystem is more vibrant than ever! 🔬 Focus •Cosmos-SDK Module Registry •Agoric Alpha Release •Cosmos Swag Store •UX & Key Management •Keplr Wallet •CosmWasm •❓ ✨ Featured in this edition: • Aleksandr Bezobchuk • Agoric • Tendermint Inc • Trail of Bits • Our networks • […]
  • 🏛CosmosGov Prop #29 🏛 September 23, 2020
    "Genesis fund recovery proposal on behalf of fundraiser participants unable to access their ATOMs" ✅ PASSED with 68.7% YES ✅ 🗳 Turnout: 52.66% 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀Cosmonauts, Thank you for taking part in the vote! Your opinions matter! submitted by /u/catdotfish [link] [comments]
  • Cøsmos Network: Stargate-3 is live, HackAtom V is coming, Tendermint partners with B-Harvest to build the AMM DEX Liquidity Module, Kava Labs introduced Harvest, Oracle chosen as TikTok’s secure cloud provider, Akash mainnet this Friday, and more! | by Paradigm | Paradigm | Sep, 2020 September 23, 2020
    submitted by /u/sasha_sh [link] [comments]
  • Proposal #29 passed with 68.7% votes in favor September 23, 2020
    submitted by /u/Marc_Cee [link] [comments]
  • 🌌🔭 Keplr - the first Wallet that supports CosmWasm 🔭🌌 September 22, 2020
    🌌🔭 Keplr Wallet 🔭🌌 Chainapsis, an Interchain Foundation Grantee, introduced two groundbreaking feature updates: ❶ Stake/send on any Cosmos blockchains (even testnets) Webpages can now suggest adding new chains by sending chain information to Keplr. Try now to add CosmWasm CoralNet testnet to Keplr in just two clicks! ❷ CosmWasm support Keplr is now the […]
  • Cøsmos ⚛️ Vs Polkadot. - The race of interoperability September 22, 2020
    It’s pretty obvious right now that the next revolution in this space will be interoperability. First being Bitcoin (Blockchain) second being Ethereum (Smart Contracts and dApps). All the crypto “influencers” are talking about is Polkadot. Why do you think that is? Since Cøsmos ⚛️ has been reaching for blockchain interoperability much earlier that Polkadot? How […]

What Is ATOM ?

Atom is a decentralized cryptocurrency with its blockchain known as Cosmos blockchain. This blockchain enables different network of blockchains to effectively interact with another in a secure way. It’s a bridge that links multiple networks of blockchains.

Atom cryptocurrency via its blockchain, Cosmos is designed to address problems of scalability, sovereignty and usability experienced in other blockchains. Atom cryptocurrency via its blockchain is not limited to several programming languages unlike Ethereum’ EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Developers


Atom network is made up of experienced developers and other professionals. The lead developers are Ethan Buchman and Jae Kwon. Atom network was conceived by Jae Kwon in 2014 which later led to the creation of Cosmos blockchain (native blockchain).

Apart from the core tam, Atom network has a foundation known as Interchain Foundation (ICF). This foundation is a non-commercial foundation based in Switzerland.


  • ATOM is the native token of the Cosmos network and it’s used for all transactions in its ecosystem.
  • The blockchain is used for research, engineering & product.
  • ATOM cryptocurrency is used for Gaming and Video Streaming.
  • ATOM cryptocurrency via Cosmos Hub blockchain is used for Connecting Chains
  • ATOM cryptocurrency is used for Cross-Border Payments.
  • ATOM cryptocurrency is used in healthcare.
  • ATOM cryptocurrency is used in Real Estate
  • ATOM cryptocurrency via Cosmos Hub blockchain enables developers to design DApps.


ATOM cannot be mined as at the time of compiling this report. It is obtained through staking using hybrid PoS algorithm. The more ATOM staked, the more Atom token earned through validation of nodes.

ATOM can be purchased in major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi, Binance, Dcoin, Kraken, Bibox, OKEx and BitForex.




ATOM token is one of the promising tokens in recent time, having traded to all time record of $8.31 in March 16th, 2019. The performance of ATOM especially in March, 2019 is a pointer to its stability in the cryptocurrency market.

Presently, the unit price of ATOM is USD 4.53 while the market cap is USD712, 275,752; the circulating supply is 190,688,439 ATOM and presently ranked 13th in the cryptocurrency market. Over $41 million worth of ATOM is traded daily on the cryptocurrency market.

The statistics show that ATOM is getting the much needed attention, considering the trading volume and may likely hit USD10.00 before the end of second quarter of the year 2020.

Quick Disclaimer:

This report is to express the writer’s views on ATOM and never intended to endorse ATOM for investment.. Whatever you do with this report is solely at your discretion. Do your research and seek advice before investing.