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How to Find Cheap Cruises

People out there think of a cruise as something old people do, or a honeymoon alternative. Sure, cruises are rather expensive, however there are ways of finding less expensive tours as well as ways of saving some money once you embark.

Choose a smaller ship
The bigger the ship, the higher the cruise price will be. The logic behind it is easy: bigger ships have more amenities and facilities to offer compared to smaller ones. Smaller ships might also be less popular, so in order to attract tourists they lower the fares.

Cruise off season
Just like with any other vacation, a cruise is cheaper off season. For instance, September is off season for Alaska and if you want to see the Caribbean, make sure to go when the hurricanes hit, though it could be more dangerous.
Don't drink sodas, cocktails, or the alcohol

If you want to save some money, you have to pay attention to what you drink. The water, ice teas and juices are offered for free, so you have several alternatives to keep hydrated. Some ships allow you to bring your own drinks, including a bottle of wine, so check out the policies on this practice.

Book early
There are two reasons for this: you get lower rates and the possibility of a better cabin. Paying more for a place where you can barely rest, is definitely not worth the effort.

Last minute booking can also be cheap
Some ships might not be as popular as others, and in order to fill their cabins, they will drop their prices to attract more guests. The catch here is that you must be able to leave at the drop of the hat, and with a 9 to 5 job, this can be difficult.

Ask for your money back
If you already booked your cabin, made some payments, and the prices dropped you could ask for your money back. Of course, you'll be asking for the difference between your booking price and the new price. Make sure you ask for this difference back before you complete the payment.