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CRYPTO20 Price & Charts


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    Market News In the earlier part of the week, Bitcoin broke down to the $5800 level but managed to successfully close back above $6400. As expected, we eventually saw a move to the $7200 level that was followed by a swift rejection. Recent CME data released indicates that large-sized traders doubled down on their 2020 […]
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    Market News Bitcoin managed to successfully close above $6400 this week and has held this level well. We have seen attempts to break $7000 and are still expecting a move to $7200 should this level continue the hold. Bitcoin has rebounded 80% from its lows since the crash over the past 2 weeks. The overall […]
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    I bought C20 in the ICO and am holding long-term, so not freaking out about short-term price action, but I'm trying to understand why the price dropped more than 50% over the past couple of days when most of the top 20 coins saw gains of up to 10%. Does it have to do with […]
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    Market News The ripple effects of Coronavirus continued to cause a financial market bloodbath as some markets experienced their worst day since 1987. Bitcoin followed by tanking 60% to lows of around $3600 on some exchanges, its largest ever sell-off in USD terms. The leading digital asset shed $70 billion of its market cap in […]
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    Market News The cryptoasset market seems to have found the local floor of its correction following the retracement starting around mid February. For Bitcoin, the floor occurred on the 1st at a price of ~$8400 and for most other large coins it was reached at the end of February. Over the last week, top coins […]
  • Weekly Wrap 28/02 February 28, 2020
    Market News The cryptoasset market saw dramatic declines this past week as we saw the market leader, Bitcoin, decrease by 11% with altcoins following suit. Selling pressure has decreased, however buy volumes will need to increase for bullish momentum to continue. We will be looking for a daily close above $9,000 for Bitcoin to start […]

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What Is CRYPTO20 ?

It is a decentralized, autonomous blockchain, giving high performance. Efficient and cost-effective index fund. Diversification of the top 20 cryptocurrencies is now a reality by the introduction of a single token.

CRYPTO20 cuts costs, investors incurred trying to access the asset market, there is no more broker fee, no advice fee and no more platform fee.

Features of CRYPTO20

Index Fund Performance

This helps users to track the performance of cryptocurrency market as a single entity using a single cryptocurrency asset.

Simplicity & Ease

Crypto20 helps both old and new investors to eliminate the complexities involved in choosing the cryptocurrencies to invest. Searching for the right ones add to cost, Crypto20 removes such cost completely.

Benefits of using CRYPTO20’s Platform

CRYPTO20 offers investors so many benefits that are unbeatable by other competitors:

  • Diversification – Users have access to the top 20 cryptocurrencies using a single digital platform. This helps users to take a wise decision and know what the future holds for them in the unstable cryptocurrency market.
  • Low Fees –It takes away those burdens of paying for “platform fees, brokers fees etc.” at a low cost.
  • Convenience – Users need not create multiple accounts or own multiple wallets to invest in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Transparency – All investments transactions and dealings are transparent under its’ platform.
  • Liquidity – It has a built-in liquidity smart contract option, token holders of 20 Cryptos have the option of liquidating their tokens
  • No Minimum Investment – There is minimum capital required and one can track events.



This team is made up of seasoned professionals who have contributed immensely to the development of the industry and is led by Daniel Schwartzkopff. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of CRYPTO20 and a serial entrepreneur of repute.

Other key members of the team include Bobby Jonker., who is the Chief Technical Officer, and Raymond Botha, who is the head of engineering and project development.

CRYPTO20 has so many partners who believe in CRYPTO20’s vision and are partnering to make the platform, a force to reckon with in the industry.

Practical Uses of CRYPTO20’s Platform

  • Investors use their platform to liquidate their token.
  • The user can access top 20 cryptocurrencies from a single point asset.
  • This platform helps to track the performance of cryptocurrency market as a single entity using a single cryptocurrency asset.
  • The platform helps to maintain a single account or have a single wallet while investing in multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • The user can receive or sell C20 on an exchange.


Mining of CRYPTO20

CRYPTO20 is not mineable but can be obtained via mining other crypto coins. These coins can now be exchanged to CRYPTO20 coins.

Notes for Investors

The lunch ended on October 16th, 2017 with lots of expectations. The coin was sold during the ICO at $0.75/coin, but today, the price has risen to an all-time high of $1.32323 which is 83.31% increase. The market Cap. Has exceeded $52 million with a circulating supply of 40,656,082 C20.

All these statistics have shown that CRYPTO20 will be among the best 40 cryptocurrencies by the end of 2018. Cryptocurrency pundits predicted that the price of the coin would skyrocket to $15.954 by the end of 2018.





This report is to educate the public and not for any endorsement of CRYPTO20. Seek advice before investing in it.