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What Is Coin? is a cryptocurrency project offering easy-to-use payment system and VISA-powered payment cards. has a lending, trading, staking and borrowing apps that bring to the crypto’s mainstream.

Investors have the option of choosing from two tokens- CRO and MCO. They all have good use cases. The MCO Visa card gives 5% cashback paid with cryptocurrency. MCO is aiming at the end users, who can earn higher at lower rates by staking the token. CRO is aiming to reduce trading fees and is specifically for payment and settlement on’s native blockchain. Both MCO and CRO can be held in ERC-20 backed wallets – Ledger, Trezor, MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

Here are crypto-oriented services lined up by

  • Payment cards: Users have the privilege to choose from VISA-backed reward cards.
  • Trading: Investors can trade fifty coins on or trade thirty-five pairs on Exchange.
  • Mobile app: is mobile friendly and is integrated with’s card. Easy to download from
  • Credit lines: 50% loan-to-value ratio stablecoins are available for borrowing by any interested user.
  • Earning: Any deposited asset attracts 2-16% when users stake coins.
  • Payment processing: cryptocurrency payments via are widely accepted by merchants.’s Features

  • Variety of services: Apart from offering cryptocurrency payment tools and rewards, it’s expanding to other new features.
  • Freemium model:  Users can also earn from competitive free options offered by Holding MCO and CRO is a decent way to earn but not a freebie, as users work hard for it.
  • Token model: Though there are some overlaps between CRO and MCO tokens, each has distinct applications.
  • Node operator roles: Larger investors have a running node in the blockchain that can help them earn.


Team of boosts of experienced team members drawn from various fields of endeavors to contribute in taking to a greater height. The team is led by Kris Marszalek – the Co-Founder & CEO. He is a seasoned company builder and a serial entrepreneur. Kris was the founder of tech space, Ensogo and BEECRAZY.

Other members of the team include:

Rafael Melo – he is the Co-Founder & CFO

Gary Or – he is the Co-Founder & CTO

Bobby Bao – he is the Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Development

Eric Anziani – he is the Chief Operating Officer

Jason Lau   – he is the Chief Information Security Officer

Matthew Chan – he is the Chief Information Officer

Antonio Alvarez –he is the Chief Compliance Officer

Chloe Yung – she is the Senior Vice President, Head of Legal

Cerulean Hu –she is the Senior Vice President. Blockchain Engineering

And host of other members.

Use Cases of

  • com is used as a trust-less applications and protocols.
  • com is a platform for open market.
  • It provides real assets blockchain services.
  • com is used for payment gate-ways.
  • The token is traded in the exchange market.


Mining of

There’s no information clearly stating its mining activities. Coin is an active contributor to Tendermint built on a byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) consensus.

It offers 50% referral bonus in CRO tokens. The token available at various exchanges like Bittrex, HitBT, Huobi and others.

Notes for Investors

It has been a progressive journey for Coin in the cryptocurrency space, having being in the steady rise in the crypto market since its launch. Coin is presently trading at a unit price of $0.154948 USD, the market cap stands at a value of $3,122,163,273 USD and the circulating supply is 20,149,771,689 CRO. It’s presently ranks 9th in the cryptocurrency market. Coin would never be considered a bad investment option considering the above statistics.

Quick Disclaimer:

This report is not in anyway, recommending Coin for investment. The crypto market is presently experiencing instability and it’s quite unpredictable. Please, consider this publication informational, just to educate the public.