Top places to see and top things to do in Curitiba

  • By Allan K
  • Destinations
  • 30.05.2017

The population in Curitiba place this city as Brazil’s 8th largest city. The city’s metropolitan area place it at number 7 in the country, by population. Reader’s Digest mentions Curitiba as the best city to live in for those living in Brazil. Do you think tourists have anything to see or do while here? Let’s find out!

Panoramic Tower
If you want to see the city from a high spot, and have a panoramic view as well, then this tower is where you must go. Ironically, it is also 360 feet tall. Its ground floor hosts a telephone museum, that must be very interesting for tech lovers.

Wire Opera House
Even if you don’t like opera you might like architecture. If you don’t like either,then curiosity should take you to a former quarry where now this building got erected.

Visit The Woods
There are more Woods to visit, so choose the one you prefer: Italian, German, or Portugal. These woods honor their respective heritages, as the city received many immigrants from these countries. The Japanese immigrants have the Japanese square with 30 cherry trees that are brought from Japan.

Take the Tourism Line
The bus operating on this line will stop by all the landmarks and attractions Curitiba has to offer. Of course this is the easy way out for a short stay, as you will get less tired. If you can’t find it and need some help, ask the locals about the Linha Tourismo.

Attend a festival
There are many festivals taking place throughout the year. The Japanese immigrants celebrate 4 matsuri (meaning festival in Japanese), while Festa da Uva is specific to the Italian immigrants. The Japanese celebrate their arrival here with the Imin Matsuri, and the Seto Matsuri in honor of Claudio Seto, the precursor of manga in Brazil.