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What Is Dentacoin ?

Dentacoin is a decentralized ethereum based cryptocurrency designed to meet the yearning aspiration of global dental community. It uses ERC20 token, can only be accessed in two ways, either by earning it or by purchasing and is available globally.

The launch of Dentacoin has tremendously improved dental health care and also making the services available at a low price via crowd power. It was launched on 1st of July,2017 and has over 8,000 and the team is working tirelessly to bring many users on board.

Dentacoin tools in the blockchain consist of Healthcare Database, Trusted Review Platform, Dental Insurance, AfterCare Mobile App and DentaVox. The blockchain provided a connection for manufacturers, patients and dentists for sales of dental materials and equipment and easy accessibility to them. It took away high transaction cost and made it affordable.

The website has much educational information that teaches people the best dental practices.

Dentacoin team

The deacon team is made up of seasoned academicians, management experts, and core engineers. We have Dimitrakeiv Dimitar as the founder, Jeremias Grenzebach who is a co-founder. We also have Philip Grenzebach who heads the engineering group and other developers.

Practical Uses Of Dentacoin

  • It is used for dental services.
  • It serves as the melting point for the manufactures, the dealers and the users of the dental products.
  • It has a healthcare database where anyone can have access to for solutions.
  • It has AfterCare Mobile App for quick response to dental issues.
  • It has a trading platform for secure payment and transactions.
  • It has DentaVox which is a Webapp for data collections and management.


Mining of Dentacoin

Dentacoin network is built on ethereum platform and can be mined using two methods. They are CPU/GPU and Mining pool.

CPU/GPU Mining: CPU/GPU is a computer that has a graphical interface. It uses Proof of Work(PoW) to mine and to secure both the transaction records and the rewards. The Proof of Work(PoW} is an SHA-256 algorithm.GPU is faster and more efficient than CPU, but CPU enjoys more privacy.Mining using GPU and CPU require much power and time to mine.A reward is given when the cryptographic puzzle is solved and new blocks added to the blockchain and transactions recorded updated across the distributed ledger.

Mining pool: This method involves forming a group and putting resources together. Once a computational problem is solved, new blocks added to the blockchain and the transaction records updated, the reward will be given to the pool. The ether coins being given as a reward will be shared amongst the members of the group based on the contribution.

Notes For Investors

Dentacoin is seen by analysts as a huge investment for the future, with a market cap of 28 million USD and a coin supply of 24billion, the highest so far. The price keeps rising daily.

Dentacoin has strong backing, advanced technology and is enjoying global acceptability. Investing in Dentacoin will undoubtedly yield a good Return on Investment(ROI).


This report is not a direct endorsement to invest in Dentacoin. The crypto investments are full of uncertainties, and every analysis is based on speculation.The market is volatile and risky.Invest only if you have sought advice.