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  • Hewowoooo January 17, 2020
    submitted by /u/goodoleggsboi [link] [comments]
  • egs December 8, 2019
    submitted by /u/johnbickkick [link] [comments]
  • A huge red flag I noticed in the Elysian contract...devs can remove your coins from your wallet at any point! November 9, 2018
    Looking through the contract, I noticed a "BurnToken" function that effectively lets the team burn tokens form any wallet at will. Not sure why this is even necessary to add in the first place. Devs, any explanation? submitted by /u/python_js [link] [comments]
  • ELY now available on - The Easiest Way To Buy The Best Up & Coming ERC20 Tokens! September 27, 2018 is a brand new 100% anonymous ERC20 token exchange that provides the easiest way to get the ERC20 tokens that aren’t listed on big traditional exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex. After a tokens ICO is finished, the tokens are typically sent to the investors immediately. Listings on major exchanges take a lot of […]
  • ELY Token Utility and Transparency Through the CryptoVerse Platform September 2, 2018
    ​ The launch of the new cryptocurrency listing platform CryptoVerse will provide a new outlook on the blockchain industry. The platform focuses primarily on transparency by helping to clean up fraudulent activity, mainly with projects and advisors, by using a combination of an extremely strict due diligence process and the voice of the community […]
  • ELY is LIVE NOW on Stocks.Exchange August 24, 2018
    ​ Happy Friday everyone! Elysian (ELY) is now live on Stocks.Exchange Check it out NOW: submitted by /u/Elysian_ELY [link] [comments]
  • Elysian Token (ELY) Gets Listed on Stocks.Exchange August 23, 2018
    ​ The recent addition of the native Elysian token, ELY, to several exchanges and digital asset wallets has given the project a boost of positive momentum. This continues now with the listing of the Elysian token on the asset exchange Stocks.Exchange. This platform is home to approximately 350 coins and tokens and is simple […]
  • Elysian (ELY) Listed in IQFINEX Wallet August 22, 2018
    The Elysian token, ELY, has just been listed inside of the IQFINEX wallet, after the recent addition of ELY on the IQFINEX exchange. IQFINEX is a brand new exchange and digital asset wallet that currently has a very small yet incredibly strong client base composed of the top projects in the blockchain industry. Read more […]
  • Providing An Incentive For Investors to HODL August 21, 2018
    Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs) are all the rage now with hundreds of ICOs happening across the globe. However, many of these ICOs have failed due to manipulation, pump and dump schemes, and communities that tend to flip the coins for short-term profits. One platform that can solve all of these issues is Elysian, a blockchain-based ecommerce […]
  • New Listing Platform CryptoVerse - Powered by Elysian - Set to Take Over the Industry August 20, 2018
    The brand new cryptocurrency listing platform CryptoVerse will bring an entirely new approach to the blockchain industry. The platform focuses on transparency by helping to expose illegitimate advisors and projects. CryptoVerse will be the leading innovative platform to transform the blockchain industry into a more transparent, trustworthy market, which will help in its quest to […]

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