Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City

  • By Kate P
  • Resorts
  • 20.07.2016

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan features a 38,000 square foot indoor water park always kept at a comfortable 84 degrees. That right there is all we need to know to start packing our bags, but if you're not sold yet, here are five more reasons to visit Great Wolf Lodge.

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City

1. MagiQuest

We feel 100% confident in saying that MagiQuest, Great Wolf Lodge's life action adventure game, is like nothing you've ever experienced before. You'll meet pixies, wizard, goblins, and even get to battle a dragon. Oh yeah, and you go through all of this with your very own magic wand. Sold!

2. Scoops Kids Spa

If you are looking for the perfect mother-daughter bonding activity, this is it. Flavored manicures and pedicures, a banana split throne, sherbet scrubs and more are all available in this ice cream themed spa. So give your kid a thrill and get pampered a little yourself while you're at it!

3. Cub Club

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean your kids can't learn something. The Cub Club packs a little education into your trip without taking away any of the fun. The activities planned by the friendly and helpful staff at Great Wolf Lodge will keep your kids entertained for hours. And the great crafts will enable your kids (or you, adults are welcome too!) to take home custom souvenirs without breaking your wallet.

4. Cabanas

Your kids might be happy to spend all day running around the water park, but at some point you're going to have to put your feet up and get some lunch. You can rent a cabana for your family's use all day. This gives you a convenient place to stash your stuff and an easy meeting place to regroup throughout the day. Each cabana has a table and chairs, TV, mini refrigerator, playing cards, and a copy of USA Today.

5. Suites

As much fun as you're having at Great Wolf Lodge, you're going to have to rest sometime. The different themed suites are sure to have whatever you want. Whether it's a wolf den for your kids, a whirlpool tub for you, or more great luxuries, there is a suite for you.