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What Is Groestlcoin ?

Groestlcoin is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency coin developed to promote a fair network and designed with ASIC resistance due to its innovative Grøstl algorithm. It has improved security that prevents network attacks and has a robust development plan that will make it the cryptocurrency of the future. It has a fast and secure coin with no fee attached.

Groestlcoin used Grøstl-512 algorithm and was the first cryptocurrency coin to deploy such. Groestlcoin started with Proof-of-Work coin and later switched to a hybrid of Proof-of-Stake/ Proof-of-Work mechanism.

Key features of Groestlcoin

Private Transactions – You can anonymously send and receive. It uses both VPN and TOR support as well as onboard AES-256 encryption to enhance its privacy.

Multi-platform Wallets – Groestlcoin’  wallet is multi-purpose in design. It can use for every platform: Android, IOS and Linux etc.

Up-to-date code base – Despite being relatively new, GRS team has had a series of upgrades to Groestlcoin code base.

Community Based Cryptocurrency:  Groestlcoin has a growing community that is giving support and also being supported. Their support has led to improved innovation and Technological Advancement of Groestlcoin.

Fair network – GRS has become miners new heaven because of its peer-2-peer network and  fair distribution amongst all nodes in the blockchain. ASIC miners are completely overpowered making CPU and GPU feasible.


Team of Groestlcoin                                 

Groestlcoin’s is made of talented professionals who are passionate to make Groestlcoin, to be among the top three cryptocurrency coin in the world. Gruve_P – Igor heads the team, he is the founder and also a developer.

Other members of the team include:                                                                                 jackielove4u – Jackie- Lead Development Team

Hashengineering – Eric – Software developer

Ufasoft – Sergey- Groestlcoin Multisig developer

Kefkius – Tyler- Electrum-GRS developer.

QuantumExplorer – Samuel- iOS developer

ExploitAgency – Corey Harding

Xawksow – Kevin- IRC Groestlbot developer

Srcxxx – Dmitiri- Paperwallet and forum creator

hterw – Promotions Lead

Psychoticboy – IRC and forum moderator

Hong Hee-Kyuong – Korean Community Manager

IMZ – Mark Blair- Community Manager Bitcointalk

Utopian- Web Designer, Facebook and Twitter manager

Guidosuller – Luiginho – Facebook Fan admin

Enetac – QQ group admin

Harand – Telegram Administrators

Yokomoko – Adam C. – Discord Administrator


Practical uses of Groestlcoin

  • Groestlcoin is traded at exchanges such as Bittrex, Upbit and Poloniex and many more.
  • Groestlcoin is used for all payment transactions in its ecosystem.
  • Groestlcoin has all-in-one features as ETH and BTC rolled into one, major organizations used it for payment solutions.
  • Groestlcoin is used for mining and other related activities.

Mining of Groestlcoin

GRS coins can be mined using a GPU or CPU setup. ASICs mining has not been feasible. It does not support multi-pool mining, and that’s why individual CPU and GPU mining have been booming.

Groestlcoin can also be obtained through staking existing GRS coins in your wallet. This gives an interest rate of 2%.

Another way of obtaining GRS coins is via buying them from any cryptocurrency exchanges.

Notes for Investors

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts expect Groestlcoin(GRS) to perform well in the crypto market considering its Consistent Development and State of the art code.

Presently, Groestlcoin(GRS) has recorded some level of stability, with a unit price increased by over 2.00% in the last three weeks

The current unit price of  Groestlcoin(GRS)  is USD 0.516416 (1.11%); the market capitalization is USD 36,795,596, and the circulating supply is 71,251,824 GRS.

These statistics have shown Groestlcoin(GRS) is a digital currency for the future.

Disclaimer: This writer’s report is not intended to endorse Groestlcoin(GRS) for investment but information purpose. The cryptocurrency market is experiencing instability lately, and one needs to seek counsel before investing.