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  • Haven xUSD Stagenet: Testing Update and Market Volatility Analysis March 22, 2020
    submitted by /u/ippond [link] [comments]
  • xUSD Launch Update Part 1 January 26, 2020
    submitted by /u/ippond [link] [comments]
  • Haven Protocol Mainnet Launch Update January 11, 2020
    The Haven team and community has made significant progress over the last year building the first truly private stablecoin: xUSD. The mainnet launch of xUSD is now just weeks away. When xUSD goes live, the Haven network will provide anyone in the world with access to xUSD exchange liquidity in the Haven Vault; fully anonymous […]
  • Haven Protocol (XHV) Now Available on CITEX December 23, 2019
    Haven Protocol is now available to trade on CITEX (via P Board Trade Zone) . Two trading pairs are currently available: XHV/BTC and XHV/USDT. CITEX is based in South Korea and is a peer-to-peer digital asset trading platform with the aim to open up a digital asset trading platform for full process transfer, payment and […]
  • XHV is now available on Abra! December 5, 2019
    Haven is now available on Abra for US users! International availability coming mid -December. submitted by /u/jingleSF [link] [comments]
  • Haven Protocol (XHV) Now Available on VCC Exchange December 3, 2019
    Haven (XHV/BTC) is now available on VCC Exchange. Customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store XHV on the exchange. The Haven Protocol team is excited that VCC is the first exchange to make Haven available to users in Asia. submitted by /u/ippond [link] [comments]
  • How to Mine Haven (XHV): Complete Beginner’s Guide November 21, 2019
    submitted by /u/herominers [link] [comments]
  • Haven November 2019 Update November 20, 2019
    Sharing the Medium update posted on the 20th November: As Haven approaches its first major project milestone — launching the first private stablecoin (xUSD) on mainnet — we want to keep everyone updated regularly on the team’s progress. The public offshore testnet is progressing well. Stage 2 is now ongoing with thousands of offshore (XHV […]
  • Listing on Abra on November November 19, 2019
    submitted by /u/Coindar_ [link] [comments]
  • How to Activate Payment ID in GUI Wallet for Bittrex and Other Exchanges November 17, 2019
    Some exchanges like Bittrex require a Payment ID value for deposits. This is a value exchanges use to identify deposits and credit amounts to the correct wallets. By default, this option is not available on the GUI (Graphic User Interface) desktop wallet. To enable the Payment ID follow the instructions below. Under "Settings", go to […]

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