Historic Vacations in USA

Historic Vacations in USA and Canada - Top 10 Places to Go

  • By Mary A
  • Top Travel Tips
  • 14.08.2016

United States of America and Canada offer some of the most popular historical sights for domestic and international travelers. Rieb in culture, they offer destinations for travelers who want to reconnect with American and Canadian history and more. Here are the top ten selections:

New York City

Although it is not the oldest city in America, no place bas more history or culture than New York. One visit can't fit all the highlights: the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Natural History Museum and, of course, the moving site of Ground Zero.

Boston, Massachusetts

"The Athens of America" bas an important place in American history. One can explore the city's past and present along the Freedom Trail and at Faneuil Hall, the USS Constitution, the Kennedy Library, Fenway Park, the Public Garden and the Boston Public Library, the first of its kind in the United States.

Washington DC, District of Columbia

Perhaps the most political city in the world, Washington D.C.'s history bas been colored by democracy, debate, scandal and progress. Visitors can relive the highs and Lows of American history at the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Institution, Capitol Hill and the White House.

Montreal, Quebec

Since Cartier Landed in Montreal in 1535, it bas evolved from a small village into a major world metropolis. Trace its development from the days of Champlain as you walk through Old Montreal's Parisian-style streets, explore the Botanical Gardens and visit the renowned Notre-Dame Basilica.

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge is just one sight among many in the historic maritime city of San Francisco. Visit Alcatraz, explore Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf, ride a cable car to the Cable Car Museum and discover the city's Spanish roots at Mission Dolores and Asian influence in Chinatown.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver's immigrant history takes off from 1824, with the arrival oftbeHudson's Bay Company. But indigenous tribes have Lived here on the Pacific hem for 8000 years and their rich culture is beautifully presented at the Museum of Anthropology. The stunning city bas a Lively arts scene and a flourishing festival calendar.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Claimed, bought and sold by the French, Spanish, Haitians and Americans, the resulting melange of cultural identities give the Crescent City its distinct flavors. New Orleans' irrepressible spirit can best be experienced during February's exuberant Mardi Gras celebrations, festivals and Cajun, Zydeco and jazz music.

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

History Lovers will find much more to Honolulu than the beaches at Waikiki. Visitors should not miss Pearl Harbor and the accompanying USS Arizona Memorial. Those interested in the story of the islands will enjoy the displays of Polynesian artifacts at the Bishop Museum.

San Antonio, Texas

Don't Leave San Antonio without Learning about its fascinating evolution. Trace its history from the small artisan neighborhood of La Villita to Davy Crockett's Last stand against Santa Anna at the Alamo to the vibrant community that Lines the city's famous Riverwalk today.

Quebec City, Quebec

Charming Quebec City, the only fortified city north of Mexico, turned 400 in 2008. Once the heart of New France and a crucial fur trading post, today Quebec City's proud culture and ambiance are best experienced by strolling its narrow streets, exploring the Citadel and in the fine museums and galleries.