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What Is Kyber Network ?

Kyber network is a decentralized automated protocol for the instant exchange of digital assets. As you can see that the centralization of cryptocurrency exchanges is a real issue that is associated with big cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, etc. People are of the option that these exchange are extremely vulnerable to both information and currency theft and that is where a true decentralized automated exchange in the need of the hour. Kyber Network is the protocol which will enable the conversion of digital assets between each other. Now decentralization is demanded from all corners but it in many cases the new decentralized exchange is vulnerable to external meddling and can be slow in nature. Kyber Network allows instant exchange of crypto assets in an automated and transparent manner.

Practical Uses
The Kyber Network’s direct application is in the use of a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is trustless and implements several operating properties that are just not there with other decentralized exchanges. Every operation in the exchange takes place through the smart contracts feature. A reserve of all tokens is present in substantial amounts to ensure liquidity in the system and the instant trade option makes the exchange a viable alternative to the centralized exchanges out there.
There are a lot of other functions that you can do on the new platform. They include mitigating the risks of price fluctutations with the help of derivative trading, APIs for merchants and compatibility with smart contracts.
Loi Luu- CEO & CoFounde
Yaron Velner- CTO & CoFounder
Victor Tran-Lead Engineer and Co-founder
Wong Lee Hong-Executive director
Kyber network is an exchange and it has no plans of rolling out new coins in the market.
Investor Notes
Kyber network is a decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain and promises to be a really good alternative for the future. You can invest, divest and raise capital through the Kyber Network.