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Empower Your Future with LYOPAY Pro – The Crypto-Friendly Solution

The world of cryptocurrency has come a long way since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. Today, it is no longer just a speculative investment but a legitimate means of payment for goods and services. Keeping up with this trend, LYOPAY Pro is set to revolutionize the way we make payments with cryptocurrencies.

LYOPAY Pro is a payment application that integrates both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The app will be available in more than 150 countries, making it accessible to a wider audience. With LYOPAY Pro, you can expect seamless transactions and exchange of funds, with IBAN SEPA and SWIFT transfer services included.

Private and Corporate Accounts

Setting up private and corporate accounts has never been easier. With LYOPAY Pro, all you need to do is choose the account you wish to set up and start making payments in both crypto and fiat. The app is compatible with USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, and JPY, offering you a wide range of options to choose from.

Branded Plastic and Virtual Cards

LYOPAY Pro offers a range of branded physical and virtual cards to cater to your needs. The card categories include Explorer, Titan, Signature, and Excellence, while the virtual card is designed to be as convenient as possible. These cards offer easy access to your funds and the flexibility to make payments at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to its payment services, LYOPAY Pro also offers top-up, sending, receiving, and exchange facilities for cryptocurrencies. The app also includes a crypto wallet and a crypto exchange, making it a one-stop-shop for all your crypto needs. The concierge service is available to assist you in making payments and managing your funds, providing a more seamless and convenient experience.

LYOPAY Pro is set to revolutionize the way we make payments with cryptocurrencies. With its services, easy-to-use features, and convenient accessibility, it is poised to become the go-to app for all your crypto needs. Keep an eye out for more details, as the app is set to be launched soon. Get ready to take advantage of the future of cryptocurrency payments with LYOPAY Pro!