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What Is Mainframe ?

The mainframe is a decentralized and secure communication platform that uses blockchain and other encryption based mechanism to provide surveillance and censorship protocol for enhanced privacy.
Mainframe (MFT) provides a convenient platform to build and secure decentralized applications. Mainframe provides dApp development kits to fast track easy integration of its messaging protocol with tools such as programming languages, operating systems and devices.
Mainframe relies on Nodes to relay and route packages, secure packet delivery, packet holding and file storage.

Why do you need to build on Mainframe:

Functionality: A full kit with active support to build and deploy to scale.

Freedom:   Permissionless platform where nothing be changed overnight to lock you out.

Privacy & Security: You are in full control, and you’re also being shielded from a third party, intruders and bugs.

Monetization: The platform gives you access to revenue streams and untapped business models.

Global Reach:  You have access to a larger and passionate community where business ideas are being shared. You access the open market without borders.

Flexibility: The platform is flexible with interoperability across blockchains.

Truly anonymous: Transactions using Mainframe is untraceable. It uses the advanced encrypting protocol to achieve this.



Team of mainframe

The mainframe has a fast growing team of professionals who are passionate to move mainframe forward. This team spans across more than three continents and are still looking forward to adding more talents

Mick Hagen heads the team as the Chief Executive Officer/Founder. Mick Hagen is an investor, a serial entrepreneur and a mentor in the startup community.

Other members of the team include:

Carl Youngblood –Chief Technology Officer

Brad Hagen- Business Development & Sales

Matt Larson – VP of Operations

Cahlan Sharp – Head of Product

Shane Howley – VP of Engineering

Clement Jaquier – Head of Design

Visit the official website for a comprehensive list and other details.

Practical Uses of Mainframe

  • Mainframe Network & Nodes are used where securing messaging is paramount.
  • Mainframe (MFT) is used for deployment of several unique protocols, such as encryption techniques and Dark routing mode.
  • Mainframe (MFT) platform is deployed to secure payment transactions.
  • Mainframe (MFT) token is used to make all transaction within its ecosystem.
  • Many organization especially banks and other financial institutions use Mainframe (MFT) platform for online transactions.
  • Mainframe (MFT) token is used for payment of products and services.

Mining of Mainframe

MFT tokens cannot be mined as at November 2018 and can easily obtain through cryptocurrency exchange. The MFT tokens are available in the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex, IDEX, Upbit, Bancor Network and Binance.





Notes for Investors

Mainframe has attracted much attention from various individuals and corporate entities who are backing their project. Whether that will translate to business benefits is yet to be seen in the global market. One thing remains clear; they have a good project that ’s gaining traction in the corporate world.

Mainframe (MFT)’s services will be key to the success of using blockchain as a payment platform and messaging.

Presently, the unit price of Mainframe (MFT) is USD 0.009579 (5.41%) while the market cap is USD 37,718,925, the circulating supply is 3,937,700,694 MFT and currently ranked 138th  in the cryptocurrency market.

The statistics show that the Mainframe (MFT)’ performance is stable and likely to hit $0.1 before the end of the year.

Disclaimer: This report is the writer’s figment of imagination on Mainframe (MFT) and is never intended to encourage anyone to invest in it. Seek advice when deeming it necessary to invest.