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  • Governance and Risk Meeting: Ep. 12 October 18, 2018
    submitted by /u/rich_at_makerdao [link] [comments]
  • Is no one else worried about all this "collateral" October 18, 2018
    So we're creating stable coins. Great. Something we've all wanted and needed. However is no one else smelling something a bit fishy in the crypto space? We collateralising MakerDAO with ETH and other cryptos which in themselves are inherently not collateralised - (apart from the likes of DGX). If a collateralised stable coin is using […]
  • This needs a one click convert to ETH or DAI app October 18, 2018
    It would be cool to have a wallet app that converts ETH to DAI and DAI to ETH in one click. Not sure how it would work or if it is even possible but that is what I would like to see. submitted by /u/isaidgooddayisaid [link] [comments]
  • POA Network partners with MakerDAO on xDai Chain, the First Ever USD-Stable Blockchain October 18, 2018
    submitted by /u/rich_at_makerdao [link] [comments]
  • How to ensure data privacy? October 18, 2018
    Hallo, ​ when interacting with DAI/MKR/CDPs using MakerDAO web apps, how can I make sure no sensitive data like wallet address, transaction IDs etc. is ever able to be leaked to Google as the web contexts are Google polluted just like close to every web page? ​ In a world with very high DAI stablecoin […]
  • If a business accepts DAI, does it need to pay taxes? October 18, 2018
    In most legislation, the act of selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether requires paying a proportional amount in tax. Given the fact that DAI can now be redeemed back to the USD only via converting to Ether or other cryptocurrency first, I'm curious to know: Is there a fiat exchange for DAI on the roadmap? […]
  • Why would anyone actually want to collateralize ETH for DAI? October 18, 2018
    Could someone explain the incentive for people to actually put ETH into the MakerDAO system to create DAI? From my (naive) understanding, when someone chooses to put up ETH for DAI, they'd have to: ​ - over-collateralize, put up $150 worth of ETH to get $100 worth of DAI - pay interest - Be at […]
  • Our technical expert reviews MakerDAO from start to finish October 18, 2018 submitted by /u/BitratesNews [link] [comments]
  • If I buy MKR now on an exchange, will it be old or new tokens? October 18, 2018
    Thanks! submitted by /u/Ph1391 [link] [comments]
  • [Meeting] Governance and Risk with Steven Becker Thursday, Oct 18th 9AM PST (4:00 PM UTC) October 18, 2018
    In our next Governance and Risk meeting Steven Becker, our President & COO of MakerDAO, will continue guiding us through his Governance Risk Framework documents. Don't miss this opportunity to talk with an expert in the field and help shape the future of the MakerDAO. Thursday, Oct 18th 9AM PST (4:00 PM UTC) Video/Voice Dial-in […]

What Is Maker ?


Maker”(MKR) is decentralized cryptocurrency, built to render services using as a smart contract platform of Ethereum blockchain, making steps to stabilize price volatility. It uses its’ own token known as “the Dai” to minimize such volatility against fiat currencies.

The amount of transaction, the sender, and the receiver remain private in the blockchain while the payment is published on a public blockchain.

MKR token can be used to send and receive payments via any ethereum account programmed to use smart contract. One of the unique features of MKR is that it is more stable and valued in the crypto market than most of the digital currencies.

The continuous stability in the value of MKR can be attributed to DAI bond pegged at $1 equal to 1 DAI.

           THE TEAM

     MKR’ 35 members team is made of seasoned professionals in various fields of endeavors led by Rune Christensen who is the Chief Executive Officer. The 35 man team is drawn from across the length and breadth of the world, making sure that the best hands are hired.

The full member list can be obtained from the website.



  • It is used for payment of goods and services.
  • It is used for gaming and betting settlements. Betting unrelated predictions can be risky using volatileMKR provides a stable option to bet.
  • MKR is very useful in reliable collateral and custom derivatives smart contracts such as CFDs.
  • It is used for remittance and Cross-border By not involving middlemen or intermediaries, it means both the transaction fee, the cost of international trade will reduce tremendously.
  • MKR is used by most NGOs, charities etc. to minimize corruptions and other ill-financial transactions for efficient accounting purposes.


MKR network can be mined using these two ways. The popular CPU/GPU and the easy Mining pool.

CPU/GPU Mining:

This mining goes with the Proof of work (PoW)  with a hashing, SHA-256 algorithm. The mining computer must have a graphical interface and must meet other requirements. The GPU uses less processing power than CPU and seems to be better. The miner is expected to solve a computational puzzle and once the puzzle is solved, a new block is added to the blockchain and the records updated; the miner will receive a reward.

Note: Any antivirus in the mining computer has to be disabled for effective result.

Mining pool:

This involves mining in a group and contributing resources (processing power) together to mine, Once the computational problem is solved and a reward is released, it will be shared according to individual’s contributions. The higher your processing power, the higher your reward.


Maker (MKR) is one the most stable currencies in the crypto market. Even when there was a major shake-up to many cryptocurrencies in early January this year, it didn’t affect MKR.

The current price of MKR coin is $844.32 USD and the market capitalization is $521,982,689 USD

Maker(MKR) is one cryptocurrency that, people should not overlook


This report is the figment of the writer’s imaginations and not intended to be a financial advice. Seek advice before investing.