Mission Point Resort

Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 14.08.2016

I have just returned from the most amazing vacation resort in the world. I am refreshed, full of anticipation for my next trip there. I am as we speak, trying to invent reasons for extra vacation time there. It was that good!

 It was "mission point resort" on Mackinac Island! I must say that i was one of those who never fully appreciated the differences between a "hotel" and a "resort". I do now! Thinking of how i could describe it to you takes my breath away. Do you remember when you were a child and ran to a parent to explain something wonderful that you just saw, but could not get the words out fast enough or even know where to begin? Well, that is where i am now. So i am going to give you the top five reasons that we should go there.

 1. The uniqueness of it all. Mackinac Island is steeped in history, from the humble beginning as a fur trading village, a fort, saw mill, lighthouse, mission and much more. Fact: no cars on the island!

You have to take a horse drawn carriage, or bike, or walk! The resort grounds are so inviting, who wants a car anyway?

 2. Family friendly resort! By all means, take the kids! There is mini golf, as well as several world class golf courses, bike rentals, tennis, game room, free Wi-Fi, café and deli, pool. They also have babysitting and childcare avail. While the parents are busy elsewhere. Pets are also welcome here!

 3. The rooms! We loved our rooms! It was warmly decorated. I was as comfortable as if i were at home, but better! The staff was so wonderful to us. Genuinely loving kind people who were very interested in making our stay pleasant. Room service was top notch! Everything came as ordered and was delivered very quickly. The hot food was hot, the cold food was cold, and everything was delicious!

 4. Business friendly! There is so much here to help your business succeed. Conference rooms, convention space, meeting rooms, and support services if you need them. It is all here.

 5. The water! The water! The water! It is so beautiful! You could not imagine until you see for yourself how pleased you feel dining and you look out the window and see the water. Look out the bedroom window onto the lake. It is truly like a dream, and it comes true at "mission point resort" Mackinac Island.