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  • Genesis Mining Compels Certain Customers to Upgrade BTC Mining Contracts August 17, 2018
    Hashpower hosting service Genesis Mining is forcing some customers to upgrade their mining contracts due to the serious decline in digital currency prices. Iceland-based hashpower hosting service Genesis Mining is compelling some of its customers to upgrade their Bitcoin (BTC) mining contracts following this year’s significant cryptocurrency price decline, according to an August 17 statement. […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • Nvidia Stock Falls as Q3 Revenue Estimates Hit by Crypto Mining Decline August 17, 2018
    Nvidia’s stock price dropped after the announcement of its third quarter estimates was lower than expected, due in part to a decrease in crypto mining. U.S.-based graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia stocks fell after announcing its third-quarter estimates, MarketWatch reported August 16. The firm’s revenue was affected by a decrease in crypto mining as […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • Binance LCX Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange in Liechtenstein August 16, 2018
    Binance LCX has launched a fiat-to-crypto exchange in Liechtenstein, offering trading between Swiss francs and the euro against major cryptocurrency pairs. Binance LCX, a joint venture between Binance and Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX), has announced the launch of a fiat-to-crypto exchange, according to a press release published August 16. The new trading platform will be […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • BCG Report Offers ‘Reality Check’ for Blockchain in Commodities Trading August 16, 2018
    Major U.S. consulting firm BCG has released an in-depth report, which it dubs a “reality check” for the use of blockchain in the commodity trading industry. Major U.S. consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released an in-depth report August 16, which it dubs a “reality check” for the use of blockchain in the commodity […]
    Marie Huillet
  • Blockchain for Good: How New Technology Is Helping Those in Need in Novel Ways August 16, 2018
    In addition to creating new companies and opening up new revenue streams, blockchain is serving as a force for good. Here, we explain how. There has been a lot of discussion about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain can transform the world’s economy — leaving paper money behind and going truly digital. Indeed, many crypto businesses are […]
    Connor Blenkinsop
  • Toshi Goes Native to Become ‘Coinbase Wallet’ August 16, 2018
    Open source decentralized app (dApp) browser and wallet Toshi will now be known as Coinbase Wallet, and will initially support ETH, alongside dApps and crypto collectibles. Toshi, the open source decentralized app (DApp) browser and wallet developed by Coinbase, is now going native to become “Coinbase Wallet,” according to an official Medium post published August […]
    Marie Huillet
  • Bank of China Partners With China UnionPay to Explore Blockchain for Payment Systems August 16, 2018
    The Bank of China has partnered with China UnionPay to jointly explore blockchain technology applications in payment systems. The commercial, state-backed Bank of China (BOC) and financial services corporation China UnionPay (CUP) have entered into a partnership, according to an August 15 announcement. Per the terms of the agreement, the two parties will jointly explore […]
    Ana Alexandre

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  • Handcash Launches Pop — A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application August 17, 2018
    This week the developers of the NFC-enabled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet, Handcash, have announced the launch of a new companion application called ‘Handcash Pop.’ The Pop platform provides Handcash users with a point-of-sale (PoS) platform that is tethered to their wallet’s handle so merchants can easily make payment requests for bitcoin cash. Also read: Bitangels Co-Founder […]
  • Michelle Mone’s ICO Ends in Disarray as Equi Capital Fiasco Turns Ugly August 16, 2018
    Equi Capital’s ICO has ended in acrimony, with bounty hunters claiming to have been offered a pittance of what they were promised. The project is led by Baroness Michelle Mone, who describes herself as “one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated entrepreneurs”. The fallout sheds light on the plight of low income workers who toil […]
  • Pantera Capital Already Raises Over $70 Million for Its Third Crypto Fund August 16, 2018
    Pantera Capital, one of the largest US-based institutional holders of cryptocurrencies, has already raised more than $70 million for its third crypto fund. And the first investment by Pantera Venture Fund III went to Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt. Also Read: The Daily: McAfee’s “Unhackable” Wallet Is Doomed, Coinbase Wants to Be Your ID $175 Million Crypto […]
  • Regulations Roundup: This Fall May Bring More Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions August 16, 2018
    August is not the best period for important decisions but it seems a good time to sketch plans for the second active half of the year. Authorities in several countries have shared their intentions regarding the regulation and oversight of the crypto space. The club of crypto-friendly jurisdictions may accept new members this fall. Others […]
  • PR: Vaultbank Partners with Kingdom Trust for Qualified Custodial Services for Crypto Assets August 16, 2018
    Vaultbank has partnered with Kingdom Trust to provide a qualified custodial solution for digital assets. Vaultbank has built a digital asset platform allowing for the tokenization of real assets and financial instruments. The Kingdom Trust-Vaultbank partnership allows our customers to have institutional grade custody and reporting. The post PR: Vaultbank Partners with Kingdom Trust for […]
  • Nchain Plans to Launch a BCH Full Node Client Called ‘Bitcoin SV’ August 16, 2018
    On Thursday, August 16 the blockchain research and development firm Nchain has officially announced a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node implementation is in the works called Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision). Nchain says the full node client was developed at the request of the mining pool Coingeek and other BCH miners who support Satoshi’s “original […]
  • ‘Crypto’ Thriller Starring Kurt Russell in Post-Production – Producers Share Details August 16, 2018
    Crypto, an upcoming cryptocurrency-themed movie starring Kurt Russell and Alexis Bledel, is currently in post-production. The producers share their thoughts, confirming that the “overall message of the movie is positive” despite it being a thriller centered on crime and corruption. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space ‘Crypto’ Thriller Coming Soon The upcoming […]

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  • PAC and Crypto Payment Network (CPN) announces their strategic partnership August 16, 2018
    PAC and Crypto Payment Network (CPN) announces their strategic partnership PAC and Crypto Payment Network (CPN) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership in developing a PAC debit card. This will begin to bridge the gap for customers to merchant transactions of digital assets. There are several fortune 500 companies already signed up with the […]
  • The Truth About DSX Exchange – Is It Legit Or Is It The Worst Platform To Register On? August 16, 2018
    DSX is a crypto exchange platform in London which claims to have enough experience in order to deliver their professional vision. On their official website, the team behind the exchange claims that their technical expertise allows them to deliver an experience that their customers want to use, rather than a service they have to endure […]
    Eduard Watson
  • Monero Price Analysis After XMR Deposits & Withdrawals Re-Opened On Bithumb August 16, 2018
    The key highlights regarding Monero’s price are that there’s a bearish confirmation patter present in the daily chart and the more the price goes downwards, the higher is the probability of a strong rally. Traders are usually advised to only speculate on that they see and nothing else. XMRUSD long-term trend seems bearish The resistance […]
    Eduard Watson
  • Monero (XMR) Shows Amazing Development Results Especially Involving The Monerujo Android Mobile App August 16, 2018
    One of the most important announcements regarding Monero was a recent Monerujo app update. The open source mobile application which allows users to create and manage XMR wallets saw the 1.6.3 version of its protocol released a few days ago. Changes and improvements added to the Monerujo app In this new update, Monerujo team announced […]
    Eduard Watson
  • Cardano Releases Icarus, Supporting Developers To Build Lightweight Wallets On Browsers And Mobile Devices August 16, 2018
    Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, delivered an exciting news, saying that a great announcement is on its way. He refers to two projects that the team has been working on lately. The first one is Prometheus which is a toolbox for powering various kinds of wallets. The second project is the one which was involved in […]
    Eduard Watson
  • You Can Now Buy Bitcoin Without Actually Buying Bitcoin: Bitcoin Tracker One August 16, 2018
    From now on, you will be able to buy Bitcoin without actually having to buy Bitcoin. It might sound confusing, but it’s not: you now have another way of owning the digital currency. We are referring to an exchange-traded note and investors are now able to buy it easier even if it’s technically listed and […]
    Andreas Townsend
  • Ripple (XRP) Is Targeting China, Eyeing 1.3 Billion People For Offering Its Cross-Border Payment Solutions August 16, 2018
    Ripple’s VP of EU strategic accounts made some very interesting and exciting statements lately. Jeremy Light told CNBC in a new interview that Ripple is interested in China and it’s enormous population for offering its suite of cross-border payment solutions there. “China is definitely of interest. It is definitely a target,” Light said. “China is […]
    Andreas Townsend
  • Monero Price Is Up – The Coin Is Trading In The Green Following (XMR) Deposits & Withdrawals Re-Opening On Bithumb August 15, 2018
    Monero is finally trading in the green on CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing XMR is priced at $90.16 and the coin has a total market cap of $1,466,548,145 USD / 228,546 BTC. Monero (XMR) deposits and withdrawals resumed on Bithumb This comes after the great news that Bithumb decided to resume its XMR deposits […]
    Andreas Townsend
  • Coinhive, Browser-Based Monero Miner Reportedly Generates $250,000 On A Monthly Basis August 15, 2018
    Latest reports coming from RWTH Aachen University in Germany reveal that despite the fact that the general interest in crypto mining fell, the Coinhive JavaScript-based miner is still highly active and it generates about $250,000 worth of digital Monero coins on a monthly basis, all depending on the current value. Coinhive also contributes 1.18% of […]
    Andreas Townsend
  • Tron’s Latest Acquisition “” Aims To Become A Decentralized Google Of Blockchain August 15, 2018
    Tron enthusiasts got some great news when Justin Sun tweeted that Tron has acquired top-notch domain, this way, making it into the Google of the industry. Sun says that it will establish a non-profit and integrated service platform for data search, big data analysis, project evaluation and information search, among others. is set […]
    Andreas Townsend


  • Cardano (ADA) Technical Analysis: ADA is 2 Cents Away From All Time Lows August 17, 2018
    After Prometheus, there is Yoroi and Icarus. Both of these wallets are light weight and hallmark Cardano’s projects that would ultimately push the coin towards adoption. However, shadowing this are Cardano (ADA) sellers who despite slowing down are still on the forefront targeting ATLs at 7 cents. From the News Emurgo is a Japanese company... […]
    Dalmas Ngetich
  • Bitcoin Futures Trader Discusses Bitcoin Price Points, Significance of ETFs August 17, 2018
    Investor and Bitcoin futures trader Jeff Kilburg spoke with CNBC today about his continued enthusiasm for investing in the digital currency, despite lows that, as of late, have rattled some traders. Bitcoin Futures, Exchange-Traded Funds “Futures Now” trader Jeff Kilburg, at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), spoke with CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis about Bitcoin in the short... […]
    Thomas Delahunty
  • Stellar Lumens, EOS, Litecoin, Tron, IOTA Technical Analysis: EOS, Litecoin and IOTA At Definitive Supports August 17, 2018
    Even if prices are fair off from seven days ago, still bears are in charge. The daily chart specifically displays a ball park five percent drop over a 24 hours span in coins as Tron, IOTA and EOS. Though we remain bearish, any high volume break above $65 might trigger the next wave of buy... […]
    Dalmas Ngetich
  • Cloud-Based Genesis Mining to Drop Lower Tier Bitcoin Contracts August 16, 2018
    As cryptocurrency mining profitability continues to suffer due to price decline, many cloud-mining services have been forced to cease operations. Today Genesis Mining announced they would be ending one of their bitcoin mining services. Genesis Mining Drops Lowest Tier Bitcoin Contracts Leading cloud-based cryptocurrency mining service Genesis Mining announced this morning via an official blog... […]
    Tony Spilotro
  • Bitcoin Permabull Brian Kelly Remains As Bullish As Ever August 16, 2018
    Brian Kelly, CNBC’s foremost crypto analyst, has long been held as a Bitcoin permabull in the eyes of many. His most recent appearance on CNBC only cemented this theme, as Kelly reasoned why the crypto market could head upwards within the next few days. Could the CBoE’s Bitcoin Futures Expiry Push Prices Upwards? Brian Kelly Thinks So On Tuesday, the... […]
  • Coinbase’s CEO Wants to Manage Bitcoin Adoption Expectations August 16, 2018
    As the cryptocurrency markets suffer from what appears to be a prolonged bear market, investors are looking towards long-term prospects that could aid the price. However the CEO of Coinbase has a warning for anyone getting too excited about widespread Bitcoin adoption in the near future. Bitcoin’s price is currently sitting at $6,400, up from... […]
    Cole Petersen
  • Crypto Exchange Huobi Partners with Five Firms to Launch Trading Platforms August 16, 2018
    The third largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet has partnered with five firms to help them launch their own trading platforms. The Huobi Group will provide the framework for the new exchanges using the recently launched Huobi Cloud. Bear Market Can’t Stifle Interest in Growing Crypto Infrastructure The popular Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced... […]
    Rick D.
  • NAGA Founder Ben Bilski Interacts with NAGA Community and Investors in Latest Q&A August 16, 2018
    The NAGA Group has made a lot of headlines in the past few months following the release of a range of products, all geared towards bolstering the NAGA Ecosystem. The NAGA team has come a long way, especially when you consider that this is a listed company that has been around for less than 3... […]
    Guest Author
  • Bitcoin May Be Down, But Miners Remain True August 16, 2018
    As Bitcoin faces downward market pressure, the price of the world’s most dominant virtual currency is likely to have crossed below the break-even point for crypto miners, according to most analysts. This, however, has not stopped their activity as the cryptocurrency mining industry is in it for the long haul. Bitcoin Miners Keep on Activity... […]
    Ricardo Esteves
  • Crypto Markets Rally as US Investors get Exposure to Bitcoin ETN August 16, 2018
    Cryptocurrency markets are tentatively posting green numbers again after a disastrous start to August. Has the price just stopped letting blood or is the announcement of a Bitcoin ETN becoming available to US investors driving the minor upswing? Swedish Bitcoin ETN Available to US Traders A lot of this summer’s conversation in the Bitcoin community... […]
    Rick D.


  • Pantera Capital Hints At Giant $175M Venture Fund For ‘Fast-Moving’ Crypto Space August 16, 2018
    Cryptocurrency investment stalwart Pantera Capital has raised over $70 million for a new venture fund which could become its biggest yet if it raises its intended goal. An Order Of Magnitude Larger An SEC filing issued August 15 confirms 90 investors have contributed $71,500,000 to the new project, with partner Paul Veradittakit telling TechCrunch as […]
    Wilma Woo
  • Ripple ‘Isn’t Really A Blockchain’ – Ethereum Co-Founder Downplays XRP, EOS August 16, 2018
    ConsenSys found and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin told mainstream media that Ripple “isn’t a Blockchain technology” August 14, confirming it “isn’t a competitor” for Ethereum. Lubin: Ripple ‘Isn’t Really A Blockchain’ Speaking to Bloomberg about the current state of the cryptocurrency market and Ethereum development, Lubin delivered an interesting take on two of the industry’s […]
    Wilma Woo
  • AT&T Faces $224 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Cryptocurrency Heist August 16, 2018
    Telecom giant AT&T is facing a $224 million lawsuit over alleged negligence causing an investor to lose $24 million worth of cryptocurrencies. 69 Pages of Complaints Michael Terpin, a US investor, has purportedly filed a $224 million lawsuit against the telecommunication giant on Wednesday, according to CNBC. The plaintiff accuses AT&T of negligence causing him […]
    Georgi Georgiev
  • US Investors Can Now Invest in a Fully-Regulated Bitcoin ETN August 16, 2018
    While the entire cryptocurrency community is waiting for the approval of a potential bitcoin ETF by the US Securities Exchange and Securities Commission (SEC), investors can now purchase Bitcoin exchange-traded notes, entirely regulated in Sweden. “Big Win for Bitcoin” Starting yesterday, investors can trade using the so-called Bitcoin Tracker One product offered by a parent […]
    Georgi Georgiev
  • ‘Money to Burn’: Why Do Companies Burn Their Tokens? August 16, 2018
    A token burn is the destruction of a certain amount of tokens (or coins) in order to reduce their number in circulation. This method is successfully applied by crypto projects, traditional businesses, and even global corporations (for their shares). This spring, for example, Apple launched a $100 billion share buyback plan (with subsequent burning) and […]
  • Room For Creatives, Distributed New Economy Is Growing In Capacity August 16, 2018
    Creatives from multiple industries and those on the other side of the transaction – buyers and consumers of content, may soon do business on a single platform. Within the Zeepin Ecosystem, all participants will benefit from diversity of different projects. Zeepin’s team aims to incorporate original ideas into powerful applications running on their Blockchain. Zeepin […]
  • Did Tether Trigger a Short Squeeze or a Dead Cat Bounce? (Bitcoin Price Analysis) August 16, 2018
    This time yesterday it appeared that all was lost, as Bitcoin price slipped within $100 of the current 2018 low. Then something unexpected occurred. Perhaps shorts got squeezed out of their loftily precarious positions or was it Tether’s newly minted $130 million USDT that saved the day? Bitcoin Price Market Overview Bitcoin  spent the better […]
    Eustace Cryptus

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  • Ripple’s xRapid onboards 3 new XRP exchange partners including Bittrex August 16, 2018
    xRapid, Ripple’s cross-border payments product that minimizes liquidity and transaction costs, powered by the Ripple native asset XRP announced Bittrex will act as the preferred digital asset exchange for xRapid transactions that move through... Ripple’s xRapid onboards 3 new XRP exchange partners including Bittrex
  • iComply launches public beta of platform to deliver compliance for security token exchanges August 16, 2018
    iComply, a global regtech platform for digital finance and cryptocurrencies is announcing the launch of its public beta following the closure of a seven-figure seed round that was covered by Coindesk earlier this week. iComply’s patent-pending... iComply launches public beta of platform to deliver compliance for security token exchanges
  • SFOX raises $22.7 million for its institutional crypto asset management platform August 16, 2018
    SFOX, a cryptocurrency prime dealer for high-volume traders and institutional investors announced today that it raised $22.7 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Tribe Capital and Social Capital, with participation... SFOX raises $22.7 million for its institutional crypto asset management platform
  • Blockchain ID and payments app Nuggets partners with Credits to improve e-commerce August 16, 2018
    Nuggets, the blockchain e-commerce payments, and ID business today announced a new partnership with Credits, the blockchain platform for fast and scalable dApps, to develop a better e-commerce experience for both customers and businesses.... Blockchain ID and payments app Nuggets partners with Credits to improve e-commerce
  • BX3 Capital and VMS partner with crypto and blockchain document generator tool BlockDrop August 16, 2018
    BX3 Capital, a firm offering consulting services to businesses establishing themselves in the blockchain market, today announced the onboarding of the first-to-market, BlockDrop technology as a legal tool. BlockDrop provides a document generation platform tailored to... BX3 Capital and VMS partner with crypto and blockchain document generator tool BlockDrop
  • The Ocean goes live with its anticipated decentralized Ethereum trading platform August 16, 2018
    Yesterday, The Ocean, the decentralized Ethereum and ERC20 token trading platform, opened to the public for live trading. At launch, The Ocean offers 11 token pairs available for trading. The launch tokens on The... The Ocean goes live with its anticipated decentralized Ethereum trading platform
  • Huobi Cloud confirms launch of 4 new crypto exchanges through new corporate partners August 16, 2018
    Huobi Group today announced four new corporate partners that will leverage Huobi Cloud to launch independent exchanges in the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, and Canada. Through Huobi Cloud, partners can easily set up OTC and... Huobi Cloud confirms launch of 4 new crypto exchanges through new corporate partners
  • Crypto wallet Toshi is no more as it becomes Coinbase Wallet August 16, 2018
    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced that its experimental wallet Toshi is now becoming Coinbase Wallet. Toshi was developed by Coinbase developers a little over a year ago. When launched, the wallet featured one... Crypto wallet Toshi is no more as it becomes Coinbase Wallet
  • Criptext launching beta of encrypted email service after conception in a Colombian prison August 16, 2018
    Criptext, an encrypted email platform founded in a Colombian prison, is launching the beta version of its hyper-secure email service. Criptext utilizes end-to-end encryption based on the open source Signal Protocol library to provide... Criptext launching beta of encrypted email service after conception in a Colombian prison
  • Robinhood Equity Token (RHET) goes live for funding on Swarm August 15, 2018
    Swarm, the blockchain for private equity, today announced that pre-funding of the Robinhood Equity Token (RHET) is now live on the Swarm platform. Starting today, accredited investors can reserve their stake in a fund created... Robinhood Equity Token (RHET) goes live for funding on Swarm


  • Marijuana News Today: Popular Coffee Shop Chain Looks to Pivot Toward Pot August 16, 2018
    Marijuana News Today Following the change of policy in Ontario toward private retail locations for weed sales, a popular coffee shop in Canada is now actively looking to potentially convert some storefronts from beans to bud in April 2019. The Second Cup Ltd (OTCMKTS:SCUPF, TSE:SCU) is up big following the announcement, jumping by 17% in […]
    Stephen Karmazyn, BA
  • IOVA Stock Is on the Cusp of a Sustained Move Toward Higher Prices August 16, 2018
    IOVA Stock: One Signal Down, One to Go Today's focus is Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:IOVA) stock. I am returning to follow up on a report published on July 24, 2018: "Anticipating an Explosive Move Toward Higher IOVA Stock Prices." In that report, I outlined that Iovance Biotherapeutics stock was setting up to make a move toward higher prices. […]
    Patrick Brik CFA, BAS
  • CGC Stock Surges on Well-Timed News, But Is It Enough? August 16, 2018
    CGC Stock: A Substantial Move, But the Signals I Require Have Yet to Be Generated The marijuana stock sector has just been shocked by exciting news. Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE:STZ) increased its ownership stake in Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) stock to 38% by purchasing 104.5 million shares CA$48.60 per share, which translates into a roughly US$4.0-billion investment. The price it […]
    Patrick Brik CFA, BAS
  • Did Elon Musk’s Tweets Jeopardize the Tesla Inc Share Price? August 16, 2018
    Elon Musk Tweets: The Backstory Should Elon Musk stop tweeting? Believe it or not, that’s the question investors are asking as shares of Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) continue to drop. It’s a good question too, given that TSLA stock has stumbled ever since the famous CEO started his 280-character tirades about short sellers, the media, and […]
    Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC
  • Aurora Cannabis Stock: Why This Weed Play Could Easily Double August 16, 2018
    Aurora Cannabis Going to Much Higher Levels The escalating trade rift with China is driving stock traders to the exits and capping any upside moves. Regardless of what happens, one area that is surely going to go higher is the legal marijuana segment. Sorry I didn't say cryptocurrencies, but that space is still trying to […]
    George Leong, B.Comm.
  • Marijuana News Today: Canopy Growth Up 30% After Huge Alcohol Deal August 15, 2018
    Marijuana News Today In what is probably the most exciting edition of "Marijuana News Today," we have Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) up by as much as 30% after a massive investment from Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE:STZ). The alcohol company Constellation Brands is putting another $3.8 billion into Canopy Growth after the two companies already joined together in […]
    Stephen Karmazyn, BA
  • CARA Stock Will Soar to New Heights If This Happens August 14, 2018
    With CARA Stock, Patience Is a Virtue The biotechnology sector can be lucrative for investors. Many of the companies that populate this sector offer incredible upside potential. Just as many have led by example. So much hangs in the balance whether or not new innovative drug treatments are approved by the U.S. Food & Drug […]
    Patrick Brik CFA, BAS
  • Marijuana News Today: Delay in Canadian Legal Marijuana Store Openings Hurts Stocks August 14, 2018
    Marijuana News Today We have a mixed bag in the marijuana news today. The Ontario, Canada government announced that the private sector will be permitted to open marijuana storefronts in the province after recreational marijuana is legalized. The Ontario government said, however, that these stores will not be allowed to be operational until April 2019. […]
    Stephen Karmazyn, BA
  • Is Cronos Group Stock Worth a Second Look? August 14, 2018
    CRON Stock: An Unloved Pioneer Investors and analysts were elated when Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They even rewarded CGC stock with a healthy premium. Yet Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ:CRON), which listed on the Nasdaq months before, is down 23% since it started trading. What is going on? […]
    Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC
  • Stock: The Smart Home Stock With Double-Digit Upside August 14, 2018
    ALRM Stock Posts Impressive Gains Our gadgets are getting smarter, and so are our homes. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the home automation and remote security trend is on the rise. With the touch of a button on our smartphones, we can now remotely control our door locks, video cameras, and […]
    Mukta Samtani, MBA, PhD


  • Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Slinks Back a Bit Following Coinbase CEO Warning August 16, 2018
    Bitcoin – the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap – is now trading for just shy of $6,400 at press time. This is a little over $100 less than where it stood 24 hours ago. Bitcoin is likely scaling back a bit following some harsh comments from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. As the head of […]
    Nick Marinoff
  • The Significance of Discourse in the Crypto World August 16, 2018
    Like with all jobs and hobbies, the desire for focused communication is always present. No matter what people are interested in, they are often inclined to join together in groups to share ideas and tips. This is why sites like Reddit and Twitter thrive. The need for healthy discussion is prevalent in the cryptocurrency industry […]
  • Weekly Blockchain Industry Report-17th Issue: Bitcoin ETF August 16, 2018
    (August 4th –August 10th, 2018) This week, the crypto market continued the bear trend. Major cryptocurrencies suffered price delince more than 10%. Among which, XRP got hammered and experienced greates loss of 26.2%. Apart from emotional factors, the major reason for this hit is the news that SEC rejected the application of Bitcoin ETF. We’ll […]
  • Paul Krugman: Bitcoin Has More Utility Than Gold August 16, 2018
    Recently at the ChainXchange blockchain conference, Paul Krugman took center stage at a panel of Bitcoin skeptics and supporters including Ripple Chief Market Strategist Cory Johnson and market research guru Thomas Lee. Prior to the discussion, Krugman delivered a presentation that focused primarily on the history and development of money, and ultimately how they relate to […]
    Zane Huffman
  • ChainXchange Day 3: Steve Wozniak, Molly Bloom Discuss the “Brave New World” of Blockchain August 16, 2018
    Wednesday, August 15 marked the final day of the ChainXchange blockchain convention and conclusion of the main event of the first ever Las Vegas blockchain week. Fortunately, the convention did not end without a remarkable finale, as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and the inspiration behind “Molly’s Game” Molly Bloom gave presentations before joining Tone Vays, […]
    Zane Huffman
    The LoT, AI and Blockchain Expo that held in Amsterdam on the end of June has already dropped off its curtain for quite some time. Many visitors who attended the Expo in Amsterdam at that time have noticed a special name when strolling along the booths, and that name is GAEX. What is GAEX? You […]
  • Simulate Crypto Trading with Coinseed’s Play Mode August 16, 2018
    As the crypto industry is still in its infancy, a lot of people are still hesitant to join the crowd. One of the main reasons is that crypto space is very risky and another reason is that most people don’t even know how to get started yet. Solution! Simulate the real world crypto trading without […]
  • Review.Network Secures $1.4M in Seed Funding to Revolutionize the Review Industry August 15, 2018
    The “Yelp! Of Blockchain” has announced that its ICO date will be on Sept. 1st, 2018 BELGRADE, SERBIA (Aug. 15th, 2018) – Review.Network is a blockchain startup which aims to improve the way reviewing and market research is done. Today, the company made the announcement that it succeeded in receiving a consistent funding of $1.4 […]
  • St. Petersburg is ready to host the second international forum – Blockchain Life 2018 -on November 7-8 August 15, 2018
    Following the event’s groundbreaking success in 2017, Blockchain Life 2018 is all set to make a comeback to Russian and Eastern Europe’s leading venue Expoforum in St. Petersburg. Scheduled to be held on November 7-8, this year’s forum is expected to bring together over 5000 participants from more than 70 countries across the globe. One […]
  • Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Jumps by $500; Are the Bears Finally Scattering? August 15, 2018
    At press time, the top cryptocurrency in the world has jumped up by $500 and is now trading for just shy of $6,600. This is a monster improvement over yesterday, and a serious spike over where bitcoin has been meandering all week. The past few days have been particularly difficult on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in […]
    Nick Marinoff

When it comes to cryptocurrency, not everyone trusts everything that is being said, nor do they trust all news providers. To have a better understanding of the news one must have reliable sources of information and means of verifying what they read. These websites seem to be the ones cryptocoin users trust the most.



This an independent publication that deals with all aspects of the cryptocurrencies. By accessing this site, visitors can learn the latest news and prices related to the cryptos. Those writing the commentaries as well as the breakthrough reports are specialists when it comes to this virtual economy.



This website is 4 years old and its main purpose is to inform and educate those interested in this technology. those who are part of the cryptocurrency economy as well as those who want to be part, should come here for the best analysis. There are annual summits related to the subject, organized by this site, and they become more and more popular every year.

While it may seem this is the official website for Bitcoin, its news page delivers news related to all cryptocoins. Like many other big websites out there, this one has a forum as well, which is one of the most popular ones in cryptocoin space.



Bing shouldn’t even need an introduction anymore. The difference however is that if you want news relate specifically to a cryptocurrency, you have to search for it, using the search bar. Luckily, on this page cryptocurrency news are automatically shown in real time.

This site promotes itself as the latest source for news and information related to crytocurrencies, blockchains, and other related technologies. You’ll also be able to learn about the latest news when it comes to consumer and financial technologies, something quite useful for many users.



Google is best known for its search engine, as well as the social media services it offers. Since millions of people rely on it to find out what’s new, it makes sense for the site to also bring news related to cryptocoins. On this page cryptocurrency and blockchain related news are displayed live to save you time searching them.

The main page of this site doesn’t only bring you the latest news relate to the cryptocurrency, but also a table showing you how the most popular coins behaved. The data shown here is for the last 24 hours and focuses mainly on price change. Make sure to check out the chart and live rates below the table – it will take a bit of scrolling to reach these areas of interest.

Unlike most of the previous sites, this one has the option to help visitors gain more of the currencies they’re interested in, not just resenting them with news. You can even sign up for a newsletter if you prefer getting notifications about the news, as opposed to searching for them.

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