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  • Coinbase Files to Close Its Political Action Committee April 23, 2019
    U.S. crypto exchange Coibnase has filed to close down its political action committee. Major United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has filed to close its political action committee (PAC) on April 3.According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) — the regulatory agency in charge of enforcing election laws — Coinbase’s PAC received no […]
    Aaron Wood
  • Early Spotify Investor Contributes to Blockchain Art Registry in $7 Mln Funding Round April 22, 2019
    The blockchain-based art registry startup Artory has reportedly raised $7.3 million in a Series A funding round from an early Spotify investor, among others. The blockchain-based art registry startup Artory has reportedly raised over $7 million in Series A funding round from an early Spotify investor among others. The development was announced by art-focused publication […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • Crypto Exchange Bittrex Denies Claim of North Korean Users on Its Platform April 22, 2019
    American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex said that claims of North Korean users trading on its platform are false. American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has said that claims of North Korean users trading on its platform are false in a tweet on April 22.In the post, Bittrex stated that it had examined two accounts which allegedly belonged to […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • Major US Health IT Provider HMS Partners With Blockchain Startup Solve.Care April 22, 2019
    The new partnership between HMS and Solve.Care aims to reduce government healthcare costs and improve interoperability and accessibility. Major health information technology provider for the United States government, HMS Technologies Inc. (HMS) has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.Care. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 22.As part of the […]
    Ana Alexandre
  • Israel: Institute Sues Professor for Alleged Blockchain Intellectual Property Violation April 22, 2019
    The Technion has filed a civil suit against a faculty member for allegedly profiting from the technology he developed while working at the institute. The Technion Israel Institute of Technology has filed a civil suit against a faculty member for allegedly establishing of a zero knowledge proof technology company and making use of the knowledge […]
    Ana Alexandre

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  • How Ambiguous Regulations Complicate Crypto Taxation April 23, 2019
    From America to the United Kingdom and from Russia to Australia, cryptocurrency taxation in major bitcoin strongholds is complicated. Contradictory or non-existent laws, excessive red tape, and maddeningly vague guidelines have conspired to make the tax-paying process more arduous than it need be. Now, a number of advocates are pushing for simplified crypto tax guidelines. […]
  • OTC Groups and State-Sanctioned Exchanges Start Trading Venezuela’s Petro April 22, 2019
    Last February, first reported on the Venezuelan cryptocurrency the petro (PTR) launched by President Nicolas Maduro. Initially, many media reports assumed the digital currency might be phony or nonexistent. However, recent data from a few exchanges and from Venezuelans trading the asset on social media suggests the nation-state issued cryptocurrency is quite real and […]
  • Israeli University Sues Professor for Zero-Knowledge Proofs Technology April 22, 2019
    A leading Israeli university is suing one of its own senior staff members for allegedly creating a zero-knowledge proofs technology company based on the intellectual property the professor developed while working for the institution. Also Read: Will Belarus Be the First Country With Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining? The Technion Wants a Piece of Starkware The Technion […]
  • Crypto Charity Airdrop Venezuela Raises $292K – Mostly in BCH April 22, 2019
    According to the founder of Airdrop Venezuela, the charity that aims to donate US$1 million worth of cryptocurrencies to Venezuelans, the nonprofit has registered 60,000 beneficiaries and raised $292,000 in donations so far. Moreover, bitcoin cash (BCH) has led the pack as far as the most donations are concerned with roughly 670 BCH ($194,900) gifted […]
  • 5 Major Indian Laws That Apply to Cryptocurrency April 22, 2019
    India has a number of laws that currently apply to cryptocurrency. A new Cambridge University report explains some of these laws. talked to one of the authors of the report to uncover more details. Meanwhile, the Indian government is currently finalizing regulations specific to crypto assets. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Postpones Crypto Case […]

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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Price Starts Much Awaited Rally To $6K April 23, 2019
    Bitcoin price broke the main resistance at $5,400 and rallied sharply against the US Dollar. The price traded to a new 2019 high and it remains in an uptrend above $5,350. There is a major bullish trend line forming with support at $5,360 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).... […]
    Aayush Jindal
  • Ripple (XRP) Price Recovery Looks Real But Could Face Hurdles April 23, 2019
    Ripple price corrected lower recently and tested the $0.3175 level against the US dollar. The price bounced back and traded above the $0.3200 and $0.3220 resistance levels. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $0.3220 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair... […]
    Aayush Jindal
  • Bitcoin Surges Past $5,600 as Crypto Markets Approach New 2019 High April 23, 2019
    Crypto markets starting to surge; Bitcoin breaks resistance, Cardano cranking, Tezos climbing and DigixDAO getting fomo. Market Wrap As the week progresses crypto markets are looking stronger. Bitcoin is pulling them all up as it breaks through resistance to form a new 2019 high. Market capitalization is ramping up to do the same as it... […]
    Martin Young
  • Crypto Market, Bitcoin Surging: Bitcoin Cash, ADA, Litecoin (LTC), TRX Analysis April 23, 2019
    The total crypto market cap bounced back after testing the $167.5B level. Bitcoin price rallied to a new 2019 high above the $5,500 resistance level. Litecoin (LTC) price is currently consolidating above the $75.00 support area. Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher towards the $295 and $300 resistance levels. Tron (TRX) price is currently... […]
    Aayush Jindal

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  • Think Your Altcoin Will Beat Bitcoin ROI? Then Don’t Look at This Chart April 22, 2019
    Bitcoin dwarfs every other altcoin when it comes to returns on investment (ROI) since the initial exchange listing, data shows. Had you threw in just $100 bucks into BTC in 2010, you would be a millionaire today. Bitcoin ROI Shows Why They’re Called ‘Altcoins’ A new visual graph from DataLight perfectly illustrates just how impressive […]
    Allen Scott
  • Nobody Shills Bitcoin Quite Like The International Monetary Fund (IMF) April 22, 2019
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) may have accidentally delivered its biggest advertisement for Bitcoin yet as it argues for negative interest rates. Bitcoin Proponents Thank IMF… Again Retweeting a blog post from February this year, the financial organization reiterated its faith in central banks increasing negative interest rates – essentially taxes on using money. “In […]
    Esther Kim
  • Bitcoin Already Outperforming NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Gold in 2019 April 22, 2019
    It’s safe to say that Bitcoin (BTC) is having a good start in 2019. The cryptocurrency gained around 40 percent of its value since the beginning of the year. Interestingly enough, it is now outpeforming NASDAQ, the S&P 500 as well as most commodities including gold and oil.  Bitcoin Outperforms NASDAQ 100 (NDX) Bitcoin is […]
    Georgi Georgiev
  • Popular Bitcoin Price Analyst Flips Bullish – Says 75% Chance the Bottom is In April 22, 2019
    Bitcoin price bottom has come and gone, some of the industry’s best-known experts are now saying as sentiment changes from bearish to bullish in 2019. Mahmudov Reveals Bitcoin Price Bull Cycle Up until recently, prominent Bitcoin market analyst Murad Mahmudov was bearish on BTC/USD, saying he doesn’t expect a new bull-run until Q2 2020. Bottom […]
    Esther Kim
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Price Looks Primed For New 2019 Highs April 22, 2019
    Bitcoin price completed its fifteenth week of 2019 overnight and once again the bulls managed to print a higher high on the candle close we take a look at what this means going in to the week ahead. Weekly Chart Bitcoin price closed the week up at $5295, up an impressive 58% from the lows […]
    filb filb


  • IOST partners with The Force Protocol to support cross-blockchain capabilities April 22, 2019
    CryptoNinjas IOST, a recently launched blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB), today announced a strategic partnership with Force Protocol. Force Protocol is an open blockchain financial service platform, which can provide services... IOST partners with The Force Protocol to support cross-blockchain capabilities
  • Business law firm Greenspoon Marder launches blockchain practice group April 22, 2019
    CryptoNinjas Greenspoon Marder, a national full-service business law firm with 240 attorneys and 26 locations across the United States, today announced the launch of the Blockchain, Digital Assets and Technology Transactions practice group. The practice will be led by... Business law firm Greenspoon Marder launches blockchain practice group
  • Crypto wallet and banking ecosystem Cashaa enables crypto buys with card April 22, 2019
    CryptoNinjas Cashaa, a multi-sig crypto wallet, and banking ecosystem, today announced that it has now launched credit and debit card functionality to allow users to securely buy bitcoin, ethereum, and CAS, etc. The service is enabled on personal... Crypto wallet and banking ecosystem Cashaa enables crypto buys with card
  • DAO.Casino decides to launch its own gambling 3.0 blockchain April 22, 2019
    CryptoNinjas DAO.Casino, a blockchain based gambling protocol, has announced that it will now turn its attention on developing their own blockchain to become the heart of the DAO.Casino ecosystem. This was decided after the DAO.Casino team conducted extensive... DAO.Casino decides to launch its own gambling 3.0 blockchain
  • Decentralized orginization management app Aragon releases Bella 0.7 version April 22, 2019
    CryptoNinjas Aragon, a project to empower freedom by creating tools for the management of decentralized organizations, has announced its newest release with Bella 0.7. The team touts this version as the easiest-to-use Aragon release to date. ID System... Decentralized orginization management app Aragon releases Bella 0.7 version


  • Signrequest Introduces Blockchain-Backed Electronic Signatures with LTO Network April 23, 2019
    SignRequest, one of Europe’s leading electronic signing providers, added a new blockchain solution to its electronic signature application. By integrating the Dutch-based blockchain platform LTO Network, they enable blockchain technology as an option for more than 1 million users worldwide, resulting in over 300,000 monthly transactions on LTO Network public chain. Over the last few […]
  • Scalable Dapp Development Platform Looks to Revolutionize Business Infrastructures Through Blockchain Implementation April 22, 2019
    Monday 22nd April, 2019, Belize City, BELIZE –  Scalable dApp creation platform will help software developers integrate decentralized apps into already established business infrastructures. Squeezer.IO uses a platform, Framework, and Chain-kit (unique software tools) to enable the design and development of open source apps, import projects directly from GitHub, and develop fast solutions for Blockchain Payments […]
  • Bitcoin Price Inches Closer to $5,400 and Beyond April 22, 2019
    The world’s leading cryptocurrency shows some signs of both bearish and bullish momentum at the same time. The hourly Bitcoin price charts don’t always look too promising, yet the overall uptrend has not relented by any means. A push to $5,400 is very plausible at this time, albeit it will require a bit more effort […]
    JP Buntinx
  • Stellar Price Comes Under Increasing Pressure as Minor dip Looms Ahead April 22, 2019
    As all cryptocurrency markets remain subjected to some minor bearish pressure, the coming hours can yield some surprising momentum. Some projects will face declines well before their competitors. It seems the Stellar price is still maintaining its uptrend, despite some minor pressure on the hourly chart. Stellar Price Tries to Hold Its Own In this […]
    JP Buntinx
  • XRP Price Crawls up Again as $0.33 is the Next Target April 22, 2019
    Now that most of the cryptocurrency markets appear to be on the mend once again, there is some interesting momentum to take note of. Although it seems the overall gains remain fairly limited, plenty of traders will be happy to see the XRP price improve upon its position. XRP Price Makes Another run for $0.33 […]
    JP Buntinx

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