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What Is Ontology ?

Ontology is a new-age blockchain technology that provides customized blockchains to users for different applications. It is revolutionary in the sense that, businesses and users without prior knowledge of distributed networks, can use or integrate blockchain technology into their business. This has eliminated the learning curve and deployed mass customizations. Ontology supports collaboration amongst distributed/chain networks using its’ various protocols such as a smart contract.

In the time past, blockchain users have been faced with poor privacy protection and ineffective identity authentication which has caused so much to the industry. The launch seems to resolve such issues with its’s cutting edge technology and robust trust ecosystem.

Ontology and NEO have formed a strong partnership with each party exchanging ideas and technologies for the betterment of the two platforms.

Ontology has its’ token known as ONT. with lot of its’ functionalities that provides access to various features across its’ blockchains.

Ontology’s team surprised many when they decided not to go public ICO sale, but rather, distributed their ONT tokens as airdrops to holders of NEO and those who signed-in and completed their KYC for Ontology’s newsletter.

The Ontology’s team is not focusing only on financial industry but also spreading their net to other sectors such as insurance, government, health, education etc. Their vision is a broad scale project of digitalizing all sectors and making blockchain systems safe for all business transactions.


Ontology’s team is made up of reputable leaders who have made a significant impact in the cryptocurrency industry. Jun Li heads this team as the founder, and he is also one of the founders of Onchan.

Other team members include Andy Ji (Chief Strategy Officer), Ning Hu (Protocol Architect), Honglei Cong (Blockchain Technology Specialist), Junjie Weng (Senior Technical Officer), Min Xiao (Senior Technical Officer of Financial Systems), Wentao Yang (VP, Business Development) and others. You can get a comprehensive list of the team members from Ontology’s website.

Practical Uses of Ontology

  • Ontology being a decentralized blockchain system gives users self-control of their digital assets and identities.
  • Ontology provides portal authentication and connecting services for users, assets, and objects.
  • Its’ decentralized data exchange framework allows customizing data trading marketplaces with financial security and protected data.
  • It’s customized blockchain systems link chains and cross-chains of networks together for smooth transaction of businesses within the ecosystem.

Mining of Ontology

Ontology’s ONT cannot be mined at the moment but can be obtained in three ways. One can get the coins by getting an airdrop as an NEO holder, by subscribing to its’ newsletter and by participating in DevCon. All these three methods are time-bound, and it is advisable to visit the website for updates.


Notes for Investors

Most of the cryptocurrencies that are within the top one hundred are dwindling as at the time of writing this report, but ONT coin seems to have overcome the shake-up and is presently trading in the green zone. Ontology is one of the best performing coins in the cap market and the best gainer in the last seven days with over 50% gain.

ONT is currently trading at USD 5.05 as against USD 2.1 in February 2018. For anyone who invested last two months would have made over 200% gain as of 2nd week of April. The market capitalization as of 2nd week of April 2018 is USD 1,217,071,668 with a total coins supply of 1,000,000,000 ONT.

Many cryptocurrency pundits have predicted ONT to rise to $35 by the end of the year,2018 on the premix of higher percentage growth and the possibility of curving a market for itself.


Disclaimer: This article should not be seen as investment advice, rather, should be seen as an expression of the writer’s views. Please carry-out your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.