Top places to see and top things to do in Oranjestad

  • By Allan K
  • Destinations
  • 30.05.2017

Oranjestad is an unique city in Aruba, as it is formed mostly of various stores selling keepsakes. However many buildings belonging to the government and residents’ homes are also found in the city. Oranjestad also hosts the island’s largest marina where you can dock your vessel. These are some of the city’s most important attractions for all tourists.

Fort Zoutman
Is one of the city’s main attractions for tourists. This is a military fortification built in 1798 by the Dutch army. The fort is clearly the oldest structure in Aruba. In 1983 the fort was opened as the Historical Museum of Aruba, along the Willem III Tower.

Willem III Tower
It started as a lighthouse and a clock. It was supposed to ring the bell every hour. It was named after King William III of the Netherlands, and it was lit for the first time on his birthday in 1868, 2 years after its constructions was requested and started.

Dutch Colonial architecture
Most of the building in the city’s centre have been restored and repainted in an effort to keep the city’s and the island’s heritage. They transformed in important landmarks, so check out the lime-colored Civil Registry on Wilhelminastraat.

It’s impossible to starve in Oranjestad, as no matter where you are in the city you will surely see a restaurant close to you. Many people travel just to eat in an exotic place.

If you want to get rich you better go shop for jewelry as the prices are much lower for items like diamonds and precious metals.

Soul Beach Music Festival
The festival takes place in May and many big names in the reggae scene attend it. The festival takes place at night on the beach. The party may last all night long, for 3 nights.