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Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Paying Attention To OVER’s Map2Earn Beta Program

OVER has been making significant progress in the development of AR technology to be utilized in tandem with the metaverse concept. Most recently, the team announced the launch of the Map2Earn Program in its beta stage, an initiative which is sure to help the decentralized augmented reality platform reach even grander heights.

Understanding OVER

OVER is a global, open-source augmented reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform enables users to live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world using a mobile device or a pair of smart glasses. OVER has also had previous successful initiatives like the OVER ARwards and the TINUS Affiliate Program.

The platform can thus be characterized as a new standard in augmented reality experiences by positioning itself as the first content browser in which the user does not select the contents but rather the world submits the possible experiences based on geographical location. OVER follows the open-source philosophy, which means that the platform’s entire community contributes to its growth, making its creators platform-independent and contributes to its decentralized status.

In this way, OVER also decentralizes all token exchange dynamics between users by utilizing the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. The ‘OVR‘ token is a utility token built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 smart contract standard.

OVRLands are parcels stored in a blockchain-based ledger that comprise our planet’s digital layer of subdivision into hexagons. The OVRLand token is an NFT based on the ERC-721 standard that enables decentralized possession of digital assets such as OVRLands and Over Experiences, which are superimposed on reality via the perspective of a mobile device or a pair of smart glasses to truly bring AR experiences to life.

The Map2Earn Program

OVER’s Map2Earn program allows users to map and create geo-localized experiences which are integrated in the real world while also amplifying AR possibilities. A digital artwork, for example, could be positioned on a particular anchor point on a wall, or different AR features could be superimposed on various existing buildings. Moreover, assets could even be geolocated inside a specific building while recognizing the various floors. The possibilities are seemingly endless and it’s all thanks to OVER and the clever utilization of AR technology.

In terms of how the program actually works, there are three main assets that users need to be made aware of. Firstly, the user would be guided through a helpful UI and then the mapper would generate these assets which have a cumulative effect of establishing a visual reference with pinpoint accuracy thanks to a 3D point cloud system combined with computer vision algorithms and a neural radiance field (NERF). In fact, the relocalization algorithms come with 20 cm accuracy which is way better than what traditional AR experiences would usually allow as those would be very limited outdoors and nonexistent indoors. Also, not only can anyone contribute to the program through Android or iOS devices, but no Lidar is needed to become a mapper and filming only takes a few minutes for each OVRLand (300 sqm).

What do the users get out of this?

Apart from significantly improving the AR experience in ways never seen before, the program will additionally allow the mappers to own digital assets in the form of NFTs which would comprise the abovementioned components.

In other words, the OVRMaps would function as a gateway into the AR metaverse and are needed to gain access as the real world cannot be effectively augmented otherwise. In this way, not only do the users get to own the digital assets, but they have the opportunity to take part in something truly revolutionary as OVER actively blurs the lines between VR and AR. This has the added effect of making geolocated AR content be completely remotely explorable.

Once again though, it is important to remember that this is only the Beta stage and that the best is yet to come. This release will therefore only enable users to create maps, neural renders, and provide relocalization capabilities. Moreover, the created maps can be minted as non-fungible tokens and are freely tradeable through OVER’s Marketplace as well as other platforms like OpenSea through future Map2Earn releases.

Lastly, OVER will launch a direct incentivization program for mapping activity, thereby allowing open-to-buy orders to acquire maps of the most important locations in the world. By doing this, OVER is actively bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds in new, innovative and exciting ways.

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