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What Is PACcoin ?

PACcoin is a decentralized third generation peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network. It is a social governance system and also built for the people. SPAC uses information in blockchain’s database to manage the affairs or transactions between two untrusted individuals. A similar thing Bitcoin does.

PACcoin was created in 2014, not until 1st of February,2018 when the White paper was released, people were kept in the dark of what it represented. I made a discovery, and I found out, what the exact problem was. The former developer abandoned his work mid-way, everything was at a standstill, till when a new team of developers took over in August 2017.

Now let’s talk about the new Re-birth

PACcoin is now known as PAC, with a new team, a new vision, a strong community and a new technology. The new team said that the lesson of old PACcoin experience had repositioned them to bring $PAC to corporate bodies and people around the people.

The first landmark achievement of the new PAC was when it traded its first measurable market cap of USD 1,885,638 in November 2018. The second achievement was the release of the White paper in 1st of February,2018 and third was the swapping of PACcoin’s old currency to new currency which started 1st of March,2018.The new team said that the swapping exercise would last for one year and the sooner the PACcoin holder does this, the better. The ratio will decrease over time; the first month will be at the ratio of 1000(old coin):1(new coin). The second month will be 2000:1 and the third month will be 3000:1 and beyond one year will be 20,000:1. This exercise aims to reduce the amount of PAC coins in circulation from 100 trillion to 3.5 billion coins.

The new coin has the symbol “$PAC”.



PACcoin was founded by William Corliss as far back as 2013.The names of the members of the new team are yet to be released at the time of writing this report.



  • $PAC is a digital currency used to facilitate payment of third party rewards.
  • Through our social platform, content producers are rewarded using $PAC.




PACcoin ($PAC)  is pre-mined but can be obtained by mining other cryptocurrency coins especially Dogecoin. These coins can now be exchanged for $PAC.

One can also obtain it from any exchange that trades $PAC.The new tokens are available at Cryptopia exchange.

Lastly, one can get the coins through the affiliate program and community bounty program; you have to be an account holder to get this free bonus.  Visit their website for more details.


Presently, the unit price of $PAC is $0.006684 USD while the market cap is $23,665,996 USD and the circulating supply is 3,540,953,126 $PAC

All these statistics show that the $PAC ’s currency is beginning to be stable since the new team took over and will undoubtedly perform better in the later part of the year.



Cryptocurrency has been unstable and risky of recent. Investing in any cryptocurrency requires one to be careful.  Investing in $PAC  is solely your responsibility and at your discretion. This report is to educate the public and not for any endorsement of $PAC Seek advice before investing in it.