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What Is Peercoin ?

Peercoin is a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology to transfer data and maintain an easily accessible data storage containing all the transactions. Peercoin’ blockchain offers an easy-to-use system transfer, much better than Bitcoin.

Peercoin uses a hybrid algorithm of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus to mine. Through this hybrid technology, coin generation is no longer solely in the hands of the miners; rather users can possess Peercoin by running the client on their computer. Peercoin’hybrid addresses the shortcomings of Bitcoin and improved energy efficiency.

Peercoin (PPC) coin is the fuel that powers the entire Peercoin’ ecosystem. It is traded in many exchanges around the world.

Peercoin is secure, private and fast in handling data transfer.

Peercoin’ Team

The team comprises of two developers, and other names that are not known Scott Nadal and Sunny King founded Peercoin. Sunny King also created Primecoin.

Practical uses of Peercoin

  • Peercoin is used as a payment processor because of its advanced security features.
  • Some financial institutions use Peercoin’s blockchain platform for financial services.
  • Peercoin (PPC) coin is used for payment of goods and services within its ecosystem.
  • Peercoin (PPC) coins are easily mined with less energy; it has become miners’ preferred choice.
  • Peercoin (PPC) coin is traded in the exchange market.


Mining of Peercoin

We have pretty ways of mining Peercoin (PPC) depending on one’s choice.

Using Proof of Work(PoW) method requires much power and some mining equipment. A miner is expected to solve the computational algorithm, and if a block is generated and added to the blockchain, the miner gets a reward in the form of Peercoin (PPC) coins. Any Bitcoin mining hardware can work in Peercoin.

Proof of Stake is energy efficient and only requires staking your funds. The process is simple, get a wallet, fund it and allow the funds to be staked. The account holder will be receiving earnings from his/her stake. Note that, the wallet has to synchronize with the Peercoin network.

Notes for Investment

Peercoin (PPC)’mining popularity is the novelty of its technological basis, and that could make an impact in its market shares in the coming months. When there’s a viable product, it tends to reflect in the market cap. Peercoin (PPC) has a viable product that needs to do well in the market.

The current unit price of Peercoin (PPC) is USD 1.52 USD (an increase of 6.02%)), the market capitalization is USD 37,841,033, and the circulating supply is 24,853,721 PPC. It ’s ranked 186th in the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics show a steady rise in Peercoin (PPC) ’s market value. The pundits see Peercoin as the 3rd Bitcoin,(after Bitcoin, we have Litecoin, then Peercoin). This assumption has made everyone believe that Peercoin will rise geometrically in two or three years to come.

Disclaimer: This report is just the writer’s figment of imaginations and not intended to endorse Peercoin (PPC) for investment. Cryptocurrency market is risky and unpredictable. Investing in it is solely at your discretion. Seek advice and research very well before you invest.