Pere Marquette Lodge And Conference Center

Pere Marquette Lodge And Conference Center, Grafton

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 14.08.2016

All dressed up as a human chess player and not sure what to do? If you’re in range, you might drop by the Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center in Grafton, Illinois, for an interactive experience.

As one enthusiast guest recently noted, this is without a doubt one of the best hidden gems in the state, and a place with an extraordinary number of reasons why you have to go and explore!

A full-fledged hotel and outing resort, the Lodge can accommodate just about any kind of inside, outside or scary gourmet pleasure that springs (summers, winters or falls) to mind:

Have a calling for a romantic escape? Special packages can champagne, dine and dish you and yours in all the privacy and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate you desire – if that's what you crave! Nice and lovely!

Or maybe, care instead to keep an eye out for other kinds of prey? The out-of-doors welcomes biking, hiking, picnic and scenic tours, and you can keep an eye out for everything from the majestic Bald Eagle to all types of winged wonders who hang out at the Treehouse Wildlife Center.

Better yet, have a gourmet craving for something more down and dirty? Yep, you can hunt Morel Mushrooms! No reason not to munch down on the treasures you find. Across nearly every season, the wooded surroundings and paths are sprouting with some of the most desired delicious fungi imaginable, and we’ll help you know which you can taste!

Then again, there is the scary side. Up for hunting ghosts as part of a paranormal scouting? The region is teeming with history and legends, from early settlements to the remnants of the famous passage of investigators Lewis & Clark. Not surprisingly, many of these folks have left the tracks of their spirits around, and groups regularly seek out the chance to scare them into the open! (Regular outings can be arranged!)

Or maybe, after everything else, there will come a time when you’re going to want to gobble down dinner. The featured restaurant offers a timber and limestone ambience for what many have said is great American dinning and notable fried chicken!

Reservations are always recommended!