10 things to do in Peru

  • By Mary A
  • Top Destinations
  • 14.08.2016

Peru is a spectacular country, and a perfect holiday destination. If you are wondering about its most important attractions, here are 10 things to do in Peru.

Visit the Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest in Peru is the second largest after that of Brazil, and you shouldn't go finish your vacation without seeing some of its beauty. Take a flight to Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado, which are the main entrances to the Rainforest. You can sleep in a cabin and breathe in the fresh air of this place.

Explore Lima
Lima, the country's capital, is a large city with plenty of things to do and see. Stick to the Miraflores district in order to shop, get a taste of the colorful nightlife, and eat out. Thrill seekers may enjoy paragliding and experiencing the city in a different way.

Go to Machu Picchu
As overrated as it seems, Machu Picchu remains Peru's best tourist attraction. Walk to Inca Bridge, take pictures of the fabulous view and visit the lost city. If this is your first time here, consider going on a guided tour.

See the Floating Islands
Lake Titicaca and its floating islands are something you might not want to miss when in Peru. Once you get to the city of Puno, you can easily book a day trip on the lake. Altough the islands are a famous attraction, they also hold some of Peru's rich history.

Visit the beaches
Peru is famed for its amazing northern beaches. If you want to lay down in the sun for a few hours, these are worth a trip. Furthermore, water sport fans might enjoy practicing surf and scuba diving. Peru's beaches can be crowded, but you may be able to find a private spot and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Go to the sand dunes
When you have a day off, take a short trip to Huacachina. This small village is located about 3 hours from the capital, and features a desert oasis. You can go sandboarding here, but make sure you bring your boots with you.

Tour the Ballestas Islands
The Ballestas Islands can be reached by boat, and a tour generally lasts for almost 2 hours. You will get to see a variety of wild birds including pelicans and Inca terns.

Explore the city of Chan Chan
This historical city contains most of Peru's architecture and history. Chan Chan is the place to go if you want to learn more about the country's roots, and see how people used to live thousands of years ago.

Visit Arequipa
This large city features cliffs that are perfect for hiking. More than this, some of the country's most well known monasteries are located here. Go and see Santa Catalina Monastery in all of its splendor, and make sure to try some traditional food when you get hungry.

Take a hiking trip to the Colca Canyon
The Colca Canyon is the perfect spot for hiking in Peru. The amazing scenery is what draws visitors here year by year, and you might be lucky enough to see a Andean Condor.